IT Compliance Management

Automate and Accelerate IT Compliance. Good for You. Good for Your Auditor

Although specific requirements may vary slightly between compliance standards, AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) can help you quickly achieve comprehensive compliance. AlienVault USM delivers complete IT compliance management capabilities in a single platform and console view.

These capabilities include asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, service availability monitoring, log management, and file integrity monitoring (FIM), allowing you to:

  • Quickly identify and resolve compliance issues
  • Utilize flexible reporting and detailed executive dashboards
  • Quickly and automatically discover and scan assets
  • Stay on top of threats with host and network IDS for continuous threat detection
  • Demonstrate compliance with real-time security control evaluation

AlienVault USM unifies essential compliance management software in a single platform.

Continuous Compliance

  • Log retention, management, and analysis—all in one platform
  • Analyze logs automatically to detect malicious behavior directed at in-scope devices
  • Integrate data from legacy security tools

Asset Discovery & Monitoring

  • Active and passive asset discovery
  • Network and Host IDS
  • SIEM and log aggregation

Flexible Reporting & Dashboard

  • Auditor-ready report templates for PCI-DSS, ISO27002, HIPAA and more
  • Role-based access control for customized views
  • Custom report queries and fast searches

Continuous Compliance with USM

Continuous Compliance with USM

IT compliance management is often a manual process that requires the aggregation of data from multiple systems into a single view. AlienVault USM delivers all of the essential security capabilities into a single platform – saving you the time, cost and complexity of bringing all of this together on your own.

AlienVault USM delivers a workflow-centric solution that reduces time-to-compliance versus a home-built solution stitched together from individual point products. This unified approach allows you to quickly get answers to critical IT compliance management questions:

  • Where do your critical assets live, how are they configured,
    and how are they segmented from the rest of your network?
  • Who accesses these resources?
  • What are the vulnerabilities that impact your compliance status?
  • What constitutes your network baseline and what is considered normal or acceptable?

Asset Discovery & Monitoring

Asset Discovery & Monitoring

One of the foundations of any successful IT compliance management initiative is accurately determining all the systems, applications and inventory that are in-scope. Having a deep understanding of all assets within your compliance scope is critical to your ability to effectively monitor and maintain compliance.

AlienVault USM can perform both active and passive network scanning to identify hosts and installed software. It provides the granular visibility you need into the security status of your critical assets.

In addition, Network-based and Host-based Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS & HIDS) coupled with File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) can detect threats targeting your systems along with analyzing system behavior to track user access and activity.

AlienVault USM’s SIEM capability correlates and presents data in one complete dashboard, putting the information you need at your fingertips and allowing you to maintain successful IT compliance management.

Flexible Reporting & Dashboard

Flexible Reporting & Dashboard

IT compliance management isn’t a one-time event, but rather a system of processes that need to be continually enforced. Although specific requirements for monitoring and security event management vary from one standard to the next, AlienVault USM can help you quickly achieve full compliance with its built-in monitoring and security event management capabilities, all managed from a single console.

AlienVault USM offers hundreds of built-in compliance reports for managing your PCI-DSS, ISO, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, NERC CIP or GPG13 programs. These are automatically updated as asset and vulnerability assessment data changes, and you can quickly customize them based on your own compliance priorities.

AlienVault USM ‘s IT compliance report features allow you to:
  • Quickly produce reports with templates for PCI-DSS, ISO 27002, HIPAA and more
  • Provide executives with information on demand with web-based executive dashboards with “click through” detail
  • Utilize custom report queries and fast searches
  • Conveniently share status with auto-report generation and distribution (PDF, Email, HTML, etc.)
  • Control information distribution with role-based access control for customized views