Banking Cyber Security Monitoring

AlienVault USM simplifies and accelerates banking cyber security with the essential capabilities you need for complete visibility of your assets, vulnerabilities, and threats – all in one easy-to-use console.

Improving the cyber security of banks and credit unions continues to challenge many IT organizations. Regional banks and credit unions in particular often lack the resources to keep up with the increased sophistication of the threats targeting their networks.

These smaller financial services organizations don’t have the budget to hire dedicated security practitioners or invest in the diverse security controls needed to detect and respond to threats quickly.

They also lack the ability to respond quickly to changes in the regulatory environment, such as the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) Cyber Assessment Tool that measures cybersecurity preparedness.

The AlienVault™ USM platform enables bank and credit union IT teams with limited resources to improve their bank network security on day one.

In as little as one hour, you will be identifying the most important threats targeting your network and using integrated threat intelligence to help you respond quickly and effectively.

AlienVault USM delivers the banking cyber security you need in three key areas:

Cyber Threat Detection

  • Five essential, built-in security capabilities all centrally managed
  • Automatically detect new assets and vulnerable systems before attackers can target them
  • Continuous monitoring of your network, users, and assets identifies suspicious and malicious activity quickly

Threat Prioritization

  • Correlates and analyzes security events from built-in data sources and legacy tools
  • At-a-glance view of highest priority threats
  • Focus on those critical assets to minimize the risk of system compromise and data exfiltration

Integrated Threat Intelligence

  • Continuous updates to built-in security controls
  • Pre-configured correlation directives eliminates the need to create your own
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated security analysts to research threats

Cyber Threat Detection

AlienVault’s USM platform provides a unified approach to threat detection and compliance management that puts complete bank IT security visibility at your fingertips. The USM platform is an all-in-one security management platform that includes five essential security capabilities all centrally managed through a single interface:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

These built-in capabilities enable you to quickly answer critical questions about your bank network security, such as what devices are on your network, which assets are vulnerable to attack, and which of these devices are communicating with known malicious IP addresses. AlienVault USM will automatically alert you when there is malicious activity in your network and when your users are violating policies.

Threat Prioritization to Focus Scarce Resources and Rapid Response

AlienVault USM is the platform you need for complete visibility of your assets, vulnerabilities, and threats. We know the challenge bank IT cyber security teams face when trying to detect threats by manually collecting and correlating security events from individual security point-products. With those products generating hundreds or thousands of security events every minute, it’s almost impossible to find the few events that indicate system compromise. 

AlienVault USM does the heavy lifting for you—it correlates and analyzes the events from its built-in data sources (as well as events from legacy systems) and identifies the most important threats. The Cyber Kill Chain Taxonomy provides an at-a-glance view of threat activity in your network and eliminates the need for you to investigate every alert. Armed with this information, your bank IT security team can focus on those critical assets to minimize the risk of system compromise and data exfiltration.


Respond Rapidly with Integrated Threat Intelligence

The AlienVault USM platform’s integrated threat intelligence eliminates the need for you to spend your scarce time researching alerts that your security tools generate or the latest changes in the threat landscape. The AlienVault Labs team conducts research on emerging threats for you, and delivers threat intelligence as a coordinated set of updates to the security controls built into the AlienVault USM platform, which accelerates and simplifies your threat detection and remediation efforts:

  • Correlation directives
  • IDS signatures
  • Vulnerability audits
  • Asset discovery signatures
  • IP reputation 
  • Data source plugins
  • Report templates

This data is augmented with additional community-generated threat intelligence from AlienVault OTX (Open Threat Exchange). OTX provides a global view of emerging threats and bad actors that are communicating with systems in your network. When combined with the AlienVault USM platform, the threat intelligence from AlienVault Labs and OTX eliminates the need for you to have a dedicated security analyst on your staff to research emerging threats and create correlation rules.

AlienVAult Security As a Service (SaaS)

More and more companies are getting breached on a daily basis. Regardless of the size of your business, if you don’t have a strong security posture, it’s not a question of IF you’ll get hacked, it’s a question of WHEN you’ll get hacked. NDM has selected the best technology partners in the industry including AlienVault™ for advanced security event monitoring, and we have some of the brightest minds in the Security Industry leveraging these tools. NDM Managed Security Services helps businesses gain visibility, meet compliance, and lower their overall IT Security costs.

There are four AlienVault USM All-in-One models,
find the one that fits your needs:

Model Capacity Perpetual Subscription*
USM All-in-One 25A Monitor up to 25 unique assets $3,900 $200/month
USM All-in-One 75A Monitor up to 75 unique assets Instant Quote Instant Quote
USM All-in-One 150A Monitor up to 150 unique assets Instant Quote Instant Quote
USM All-in-One UA Monitor more than 150 unique assets Instant Quote Instant Quote

Note: This is not a complete price list. If you need help determining which version is best for you please contact us. Volume and promotional discounts are available. Subscription pricing is only available under a managed services agreement.

FACT: In a recent SANS survey, 59% of respondents indicated that a lack of trained security staff and skills were the biggest challenges when it came to threat intelligence and detection / SIEM initiatives.
NDM's Managed Security Services (MSS) will augment your team's resources to help meet the ever growing demands from operations, compliance and security. We will deploy, tune, manage, monitor and operate your Alienvault solution remotely - 24x7x365 - to enable you to take full advantage of what Alienvault can deliver.
NDM's managed security services are not just here to save you money from having to build out an internal team, but also give you time back in your day. Our engineers will sift through the noise, recommend remediation steps if threats are legitimate, and even offer mitigation services as an optional service. We will enable to you focus on what means the most, your business, and leave the time consuming tasks to us.

5 Essential Security Capabilities in a Single Console

The AlienVault Unified Security Management™ (USM) platform provides five essential security capabilities in a single console, giving you everything you need to manage both compliance and threats. Understanding the sensitive nature of IT environments, we include active, passive and host-based technologies so that you can match the requirements of your particular environment.

Asset Discovery

Asset Discovery

Find all assets on your network before a bad actor does
  • Active Network Scanning
  • Passive Network Monitoring
  • Asset Inventory

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Behavioral Monitoring

Behavioral Monitoring

Identify suspicious behavior and potentially compromised systems
  • Netflow Analysis
  • Service Availability Monitoring
  • Full packet capture

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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify systems on your network that are vulnerable to exploits
  • Network Vulnerability Testing
  • Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring

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Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Correlate and analyze security event data from across your network
  • Log Management
  • Event Correlation
  • Incident Response
  • Reporting and Alarms

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Threat Detection

Threat Detection

Detect malicious traffic on your network
  • Network IDS
  • Host IDS
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

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More Than Just a SIEM

Traditional SIEM solutions promise to provide what you need – but the path to get there is one most of us can’t afford. Traditional SIEM solutions integrate and analyze the data produced by other security technologies that are already deployed, but unfortunately most mid-market organizations don’t have those other technologies deployed yet! AlienVault USM provides a different path. In addition to all the functionality of a traditional SIEM, AlienVault USM also builds the essential security capabilities into a single platform with no additional feature charges. And AlienVault’s focus on ease of use and deployment makes it the perfect fit for mid-market enterprises and organizations with limited budget and few in-house resources.


AlienVault USM

Traditional SIEM

     Log Management
     Event Management
     Event Correlation
     Trouble Ticketing Built-In $$ (3rd-party)
Security Monitoring Technologies:    
     Asset Discovery Built-In $$ (3rd-party)
     Network IDS Built-In $$ (3rd-party)
     Host IDS Built-In $$ (3rd-party)
     Netflow Built-In $$ (3rd-party)
     Full Packet Capture Built-In $$ (3rd-party)
     File Integrity Monitoring Built-In $$ (3rd-party)
     Vulnerability Assessment Built-In $$ (3rd-party)
Additional Capabilities:    
     Continuous Threat Intelligence Built-In $$ (3rd-party)
     Unified Management Console Built-In $$ (3rd-party)