Autonomy Content Management

In the modern enterprise, business information is scattered across a disparate network of mail boxes, hard drives, network shares, and corporate repositories. In this scenario, it is impossible to comply with increasing legal and regulatory pressures that mandate the effective governance of information. Content cannot be leveraged effectively for business benefit. These problems are compounded when information resides in paper documents – while information remains locked away on paper it is invisible to an organization.

Autonomy delivers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions that enable organizations to manage the entire content lifecycle, automate business processes, improve productivity and reduce compliance risk. Autonomy solutions capture, index, store and search all types of information, including paper and electronic documents, audio, video, and social content, and scales to handle exploding volumes of information.

Leveraging IDOL meaning-based computing, Autonomy is the only solution that manages 100% of business information and processes, both structured and unstructured, regardless of language or location.

The Autonomy Solution Elements*

  • Autonomy Teleform – Captures, classifies and extracts information from documents
  • Autonomy Process Automation – Automates business processes
  • Autonomy WorkSite – Organizes distributed content into digital files
  • Autonomy Intelligent Universal Search – Provides a unified search experience
  • Autonomy Records Management – Defines and applies security and retention policies

*Available on-premise, as a software license, with support, maintenance, and professional services.

Product Features

  • Organize all electronic documents & emails into the relevant file structure for enhanced collaboration, improved efficiency and knowledge management
  • Intelligent digitalization of corporate records via capture, OCR, index and route paper to better leverage, govern and eliminate existing paper
  • Automate repeatable business processes linked to E-File to increase efficiency, reduce risk and optimize business outcomes
  • Mitigate risk and provide real-time enterprise visibility and governance
  • Intuitive interfaces in Outlook, Notes, Web, Windows Explorer and SharePoint
  • Mobile access via iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android

Product Benefits

  • Greater knowledge worker productivity
  • Better collaboration within and beyond the firewall
  • Consistency of processes improves business outcomes
  • Derive customer insight and business value from electronic content
  • Improve security and access to digital assets
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Compliance with regulations and privacy laws

Product Differentiators


  • Understands 100% of human information
  • Automates processing and classification
  • Eliminates paper and manual processes to scale to today’s volumes


  • From silicon to application
  • Governs all types of information
  • 1000 file formats, including audio & video

Time to ROI

  • Proven, referenceable solution
  • Fast deployment on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud
  • High usability drives sustained adoption

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