Autonomy eDiscovery

Autonomy eDiscovery unifies identification, collection, early case assessment, document review, and production in a single application that brings together the best capabilities of Autonomy Stratify for review, Autonomy Introspect for production, and Autonomy Investigator and ECA for identification and culling. Powered by Autonomy IDOL 10, this seamless solution automatically recognizes concepts and ideas in 100 percent of an organization’s data including unstructured human information such as email, mobile data, audio, video, and social media, as well as structured data.  Corporations and law firms can leverage Autonomy’s advanced technology and eDiscovery expertise in the cloud, on premise, in a hybrid deployment, and with purpose-built HP appliances.

Autonomy eDiscovery operates seamlessly with Autonomy Legal Hold and a range of components from Autonomy’s Information Governance suite, such as Autonomy Consolidated Archive, Autonomy HP Data Protector, and Autonomy HP DBA to provide a complete end-to-end solution for enterprise customers. Autonomy also now offers an eDiscovery Appliance, which combines Autonomy eDiscovery software with HP hardware, including HP ProLiant servers and HP Storage. The turn-key and purpose-built Appliance is ideal for rapid deployment by enterprises, law firms, or service providers. Autonomy eDiscovery provides a single solution for managing the end-to-end eDiscovery process.

Product Features

  • Meaning Based Coding – provides dynamic, real-time coding recommendations regarding relevance to one or more issues in a matter, reflecting the platform’s up-to-the-second understanding of review team’s coding behavior
  • Real-time Dashboards – provide legal teams with intelligence-at-a-glance for every matter • Built-in Workflow – provides automated policy-based workflow for early case assessment and high productivity document review
  • Visual Analytics – enable legal teams to prioritize data for review, including 2-D cluster maps, link maps and message tracers • Automated Collection – enables rapid data intake and automated collection to the cloud with petabyte scalability
  • Intelligent Ingestion – drives workflows and increases efficiency using exemplars and/or automatically clustered content
  • eDiscovery Appliance – combines Autonomy eDiscovery software with HP hardware, including HP ProLiant servers and HP Storage

Product Benefits

  • Bring 100% of Information into the eDiscovery Process – including unstructured, structured, and semi-structured data, mobile, social, audio, and video
  • Meaning Based Coding – dramatically accelerates ECA and increases accuracy over linear, human review
  • Comprehensive Search – across all repositories, formats, and languages, including audio and video for comprehensive search and discovery
  • Reduce Overall eDiscovery costs – with automated workflow and accelerated document review
  • Reduce Risk - by limiting exchange of data between disparate systems during discovery and by maintaining chain of custody to mitigate risk of data spoliation
  • Single Platform Approach – unifies eDiscovery and Information Governance
  • Massive Scalability – and unlimited capacity with over 31 petabytes of private cloud data on 10,000 servers across world-class data centers
  • Simplified Deployment – via the eDiscovery Appliance enables rapid deployment within a matter of hours
  • Proven Successful – with the most significant and complex cases

Product Differentiators

  • End-to-End Platform – provides market-leading eDiscovery solution for the entire eDiscovery, compliance, governance, and information management spectrum
  • World’s Most Advanced Visual Analytics – enable 2-D cluster maps, link maps, and message tracers
  • Proven Track Record – built over 25 years and to ISO 15489 standard
  • Meaning-Based Solution – is powered by IDOL to understand the meaning of all information and assist with business process automation
  • eDiscovery for 100% of Information – including mobile, social, audio, video, and structured data

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