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Pan-Enterprise Search

Autonomy is the acknowledged leader in Pan-Enterprise Search. Enterprise Search infrastructure must be integrative and agnostic, crossing company divisions, geographic locations, vendors, products, software applications, operating systems and languages. It should support search and eDiscovery across all repositories that contain electronically stored information (ESI), including email, IM, voice, video and text across operational systems, archives and media; stored in centralized corporate servers, fileshares, desktops and handheld devices. The information should be 'plumbed into' once and leveraged for many applications across the enterprise - to extract business value and protect from information risk.

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Probabilistic Analysis

Autonomy IDOL Structured Probabilistic Engine (SPE) represents a radical shift in processing data from the database. The product is a dynamic, self-learning solution that can automatically make connections in the data by understanding the meaning that resides within it.

Business Process Management

Autonomy Process Automation (APA) is the only business process management (BPM) solution that embraces the unstructured and human element of business process, providing workers with all of the information required to make sound business decisions. Autonomy Process Automation fully leverages all information sources, structured and unstructured, and all human capital to guide and automate decision making within the process and optimize business outcomes.

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Collaboration and Expertise Networks (CEN)

Expertise is not easily identified and is even more difficult to manage on an ongoing basis, which leaves vast resources of tacit knowledge and experience untapped. There is growing recognition that access to these types of implicit information is critical to the efficient running of enterprise operations. For example, the employees of geographically dispersed organizations typically have difficulty in determining what others are doing and which resources can best address their problems. Failure to foster exchange within the knowledge community leads to duplication of effort and an overall reduction in productivity levels. Autonomy CEN builds communities of expertise to promote collaboration and fuel innovation. A key part of Web 2.0 technology, these social knowledge networks overcome situational myopia and bring experts together to establish congruent goals and increase productivity.

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Knowledge Management & eLearning

Autonomy offers organizations a uniquely powerful knowledge management solution, designed to help companies gain competitive advantage by automatically leveraging the knowledge base of individual employees, exploiting late-breaking industry developments and 'mining' unstructured information for insight, regardless of the format or source. Autonomy's knowledge management solution was developed to help companies bypass some of the cultural barriers to knowledge management. Autonomy recognizes that it is unrealistic to expect employees to spend a lot of time categorizing or tagging documents that others might find useful, or filling out elaborate questionnaires identifying their areas of expertise. Thus, organizations need a solution to make these processes automatic, so that effective knowledge management becomes almost a byproduct of normal business functions.

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Personalization Operations

IDOL allows users to set up agents to monitor information 24/7 on specific topics from a range of data sources. An agent represents a user's persistent interest in a topic and can be defined or trained explicitly with either a natural language description or Boolean expression. Most powerfully, an agent can be trained or retrained by example, simply by being shown a document, video or verbal conversation that matches a user's interests. The agent will then learn the concepts within the example and define itself accordingly. Once an agent has been created it will monitor in real-time the changing information within the index, instantly alerting the user to anything new that matches the training.

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