Autonomy eDiscovery

Autonomy addresses every stage of the eDiscovery lifecycle, spanning the complete Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), with the only end-to-end platform in the market today. Law firms, corporate counsel, compliance officers and service providers alike use Autonomy technology to mitigate the risks and excessive costs associated with managing client data access, multi-lingual discoveries and multi-party cases. Offered as licensed software, software as a service (SaaS), as a hybrid solution, or as an appliance, Autonomy’s software and services are in use at the world’s largest securities firms, law firms, global organizations and regulators for investigations, litigation and proactive information governance.

An organization can save as much as 60% over traditional eDiscovery costs using Autonomy solutions to rapidly understand and identify key issues, assess the merits of a case and organize millions of files into prioritized collections for review. Autonomy’s built-in conceptual analytics, clustering, auto-categorization and visual displays set our offering apart by dramatically accelerating the identification of key custodians, preservation of relevant ESI and non-linear review.

Product Features

  • Manage-in-Place - Exclusive manage-in-place functionality supports preservation and collection from laptops, desktops and enterprise data sources for all format types, including audio, video and email
  • Automated Collection - Rapid data intake and automated collection to the cloud with petabyte scalability
  • Advanced Analytics - Prioritize data for review with advanced analytics, conceptual search and contextual analysis
  • Filtering and Deduplication - Advanced filtering processes, deduplication and near duplicate analysis with meaning-based coding and bulk tagging
  • Enterprise Security - Annotation and redaction with granular security to control access at the field level
  • Built-in Workflow - Seamless automation and workflow including hold notices, reminders, interview forms, and tracking

Product Benefits

  • Low Cost - A 60% cost savings compared to other vendors because Autonomy’s streamlined technology and expert staff ensure lowered processing and project management costs
  • Reduced Risk - Minimize cost and risk by limiting exchange of data between disparate systems during the discovery process, maintaining chain of custody and reducing potential for data spoliation.
  • Massive Scalability - Unmatched scalability and unlimited capacity with over 17 petabytes of data on 6,500 servers deployed across eight world-class data centers
  • Comprehensive Search - Include all repositories, content stores, formats and languages - including audio and video, in investigations for comprehensive search and discovery
  • Proven Successful - Multi-Party litigation proven with some of the largest companies in the world who trust Autonomy to effectively manage their ESI in the face of litigation, with some of those litigants utilizing the services of up to 30 law firms and third party advisors

Product Differentiators

  • Seamless Platform - A single platform across all solutions, using the same technology and available as either a hosted or a licensed offering
  • Understanding Meaning - Automatic identification of relevant information through contextual analysis of custodians and information. Automatic categorization based on relevancy to prioritize information for review and production
  • Information Access - Access to all data sources independent of language and across file types including voice and video
  • FRCP Compliant Searches - Conceptual and keyword search across all content with no "jump outs" or "partial indexing"
  • Advanced Audio Analysis - Automated audio analysis including speech-to-text, phonetic and conceptual search
  • Compliance - Legal hold identification, notification, preservation and collection

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