Autonomy eDiscovery Appliance

Autonomy provides corporate counsel and their law firms with a robust solution for quickly defining and executing an eDiscovery strategy.  The eDiscovery Appliance is highly scalable and provides an extremely fast and effective on ramp to a defensible eDiscovery process and Early Case Assessment.  Autonomy’s plug-and-play eDiscovery Appliance brings the power of Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) to an easy-to-use solution that can be up and running in minutes.

The Autonomy eDiscovery Appliance offers an industry-first capability for law firms to link directly to their corporate client’s relevant enterprise information for a particular investigation or case.  This unique chaining capability transforms a slow, reactive, manual and costly eDiscovery process to one that is fast, proactive, automated and cost efficient.  There is no need for inefficient information hand-offs between technology and service providers, enabling corporate counsel and law firms to be more effective counselors.

Product Features

  • Autonomy Investigator & Early Case Assessment (ECA) – The only FRCP-compliant early case assessment and analysis solution that can analyze data in place to enable legal terms to determine early on their likelihood of success in court
  • Introspect EDD – The leading ESI processing solution collects raw data, performs initial culling, de-duplicates, batches and exports the resulting set of documents, extracting the metadata from the documents to prepare the data in a litigation-ready format
  • Unmatched FRCP-compliant search capabilities – Unlike legacy technologies which are limited to stemming, Autonomy provides true meaning-based technology that supports multiple search techniques including conceptual and keyword searches
  • Advanced visual analytics and reporting – Link maps, automatically generated concept clusters, message tracers and extensive reporting provide legal counsel with a bird's-eye view of the data corpus
  • Portable Data Processing – Data processed can be transitioned off the appliance and onto a hosted or onsite instance of Introspect; workbooks, user's desktops, and saved searches are all portable

Product Benefits

  • Proven Return on Investment – Reduce the time, cost, and data volume associated with eDiscovery and gain a 60% or greater cost savings compared with legacy approaches
  • Fast Deployment – A plug-and-play eDiscovery Appliance that is easy to use and running in minutes
  • Scalable Processing – Quickly and easily process a terabyte of data per appliance and process the data across all of your sources in a matter of hours
  • Proactive Approach – Obtain a comprehensive and precise understanding of the case, establish a strategy, and filter data before undertaking a costly document review
  • Expedited Review – Hyperlinking and clustering facilitate the investigation saving companies and firms valuable time that would otherwise be spent reviewing non-relevant data

Product Differentiators

  • All Data Types – Ability to handle more than 1,000 file types
  • All Data Sources – Includes access to all data sources, including laptops and desktops
  • Language Independence – Handles data in its native language, delivering measurable time and cost savings against legacy approaches
  • Proven Return on Investment – a 60% or greater cost savings compared with legacy approaches

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