Autonomy Investigator and Early Case Assessment (ECA)

Autonomy Investigator and Early Case Assessment (ECA) is the leading early case assessment and analysis solution on the market.  Specifically designed to analyze data in place, it can determine the probability of litigation, provide a rapid first-pass analysis of the data prior to a formal review and production, and maintain a defensible audit trail.  Rather than the weeks or months required with legacy technology, companies utilizing Autonomy Investigator & ECA can assess a case within hours of anticipated litigation or investigation, enabling companies to rapidly retrieve and analyze relevant data to answer the initial question, "Is there a case?"

Product Features

  • True Early Case Assessment - Allows legal professionals to analyze data in-place, prior to collection, to gain the headline view necessary to quickly assess risk
  • Advanced Analytics - Enable users to end the guess work of early case assessment by gaining an understanding of the patterns within the entire corpus of documents
  • Query Guidance - Automatic suggestion of conceptually related search terms based on the initial query to guide reviewers to relevant content
  • Visualization Tools - Aid legal professionals in reconstructing communication threads and identifying conceptual clusters in data
  • Automatic Summarization - Users quickly ascertain the meaning of each document based on the summary without the bother of opening and reviewing the file manually
  • Automatic Deduplication - Identifies both duplicates and near-duplicate content based on a selected threshold and automatically takes the appropriate defined action based on relevancy

Product Benefits

  • Uncover More - Give lawyers and investigators a comprehensive tool to identify key themes and hidden custodians, even across multiple foreign languages so they can discover both known and unknown information in a defensible and efficient manner
  • Fast Analysis - Counsel are able to determine not only whether there is a case and how to respond to potential litigation, but also whether answering the case is cost effective
  • End the Guesswork - Through advanced analytics, enable legal teams to identify patterns, trends, and additional custodians, ending the guesswork typically associated with legacy case assessment strategies
  • Visibility - Understand how information has moved between custodians and track communication threads of interest, including email, IM, voice, and video, across the corpus of data
  • Efficiency - Workbook folders reduce the overall time and cost of eDiscovery by helping to identify potentially relevant content for preservation or to categorize data in preparation for the review and production process
  • Flexibility - Available as an easy-to-use appliance that can be up and running in minutes or as a licensed or hosted (SaaS) option eliminating the need for onsite hardware and management

Product Differentiators

  • Seamless End-to-End eDiscovery - The only End-to-End eDiscovery  solution that connects all steps in the discovery process on a single platform, dramatically reducing risk and cost while streamlining the entire discovery process
  • Understand Meaning - Leverage the world's most advanced information infrastructure, IDOL, to create a meaning-based understanding of an entire corpus of data prior to collection and enable counsel to quickly assess relevant data in and determine the appropriate strategy
  • Single Interface - Unlike legacy tools, Autonomy Investigator & ECA provides a comprehensive tool to identify key themes and hidden custodians across file formats and multiple foreign languages; all within a single interface
  • Link Map - An invaluable tool for identifying communication patterns, understanding social communities, and creating a relationship map of contact points, including phone numbers and email addresses
  • FRCP-Compliant Search- Conceptual and keyword search across all content with no ‘jump outs’ or ‘partial indexing’  
  • Legal Chaining - An industry-first capability for law firms to link directly to their corporate client’s relevant enterprise information for a particular investigation or case, resulting in radically compressed timeframes for the Early Case Assessment and eDiscovery process

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