Autonomy Legal Hold

Autonomy Legal Hold provides a systematic and defensible solution for the preservation and collection of data as necessary in compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).  Built on a single, highly scalable and secure platform, it is fully auditable, easy-to-use, and quickly implements the processes and procedures necessary to demonstrate reasonable and good faith compliance with the duty to preserve.

Autonomy Legal Hold will help reduce costs associated with preservation and collection processes, and eliminate the risk of spoliation. It can manage and provide notifications to identified custodians, automatically build and update data maps, and apply intelligent legal hold policies against an enterprise’s full corpus of data, whether it lives on the network server or on an employee’s remote laptop.   In addition, Autonomy Legal Hold can track data throughout the entire litigation lifecycle providing a complete audit trail and visibility into the review process.

Product Features

  • Automatic Data Mapping - Automatically builds, updates, and maintains custodial data maps without professional services
  • Litigation Lifecycle Management - Tracks data throughout the litigation lifecycle from identification and notification through review and production
  • Complete Modular Solution - The only comprehensive legal hold solution, offering notification management, identification, in-place preservation, collection, data mapping, and litigation lifecycle management
  • Automated Data Disposal - The ability to dispose of data once a hold is released and the data is no longer subject to a legal hold or retention policy
  • Real-Time Audit Trail and Robust Reporting - Automatically provides a complete audit trail of the entire process with an intuitive dashboard where the legal team can review each step

Product Benefits

  • Quick Control - Reduce timeframes for meeting preservation obligations and issuing hold notices
  • Reduce Risk - Eliminates threat of spoliation between time of notice and preservation/collection
  • FRCP Compliant Process - repeatable and defensible FRCP compliant search, preservation and collection
  • In-Place Preservation - Lock down and preserve information in-place on laptops, desktops, fileshares, SharePoint and across the enterprise
  • Flexible Deployment - Deploy locally or remotely in a secure cloud environment
  • Proactive Detection - Intuitive audit dashboards with alerts for early detection and proactive management of upcoming events

Product Differentiators

  • Comprehensive Legal Hold - A complete, modular legal hold solution to preserve and collect data across the enterprise and meet the preservation obligation
  • Defensible Process - Meets the obligation to ensure legal hold and data preservation and manages the custodian notification process
  • Preserve In-Place - Reduces risk of spoliation between time of notice and preservation or collection with the ability to preserve in place
  • All Data Formats - Automatically collects content and metadata in a forensically sound manner from laptops, desktops and all enterprise data sources regardless of location, language or format
  • Budget Tracking - Automatically estimate, manage and track costs throughout the litigation process to ensure the most cost effective process available with up-to-date statistics on data volume and document counts

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