Autonomy Review

Autonomy Stratify Review delivers an innovative approach to eDiscovery by enhancing productivity and cost predictability through configurable review workflows and advanced analytics. The easy-to-use interface, combined with superior scalability, allows counsel to leverage flexible capabilities to review large volumes of data, target responsive documents quickly, and eliminate time spent reviewing irrelevant data.  Autonomy Stratify Review has long been established as one of the preferred hosting solutions by law firms and corporations.

Stratify Review operates on a single, massively scalable platform, simplifying workflow and utilizes a highly configurable and secure infrastructure. Counsel can process documents once and reuse them for multiple matters to reduce costs and then identify documents to quickly stand them up in new matters, as needed. It also allows counsel to work more efficiently by decreasing duplicative work, accelerating review, and increasing tagging accuracy and consistency. Stratify Review radically reduces risk by defining security permissions for sharing documents and work product across multiple projects or review teams.

Unlike other products, Stratify Review processes all file types. While most search engines miss results due to performance optimization techniques known as ‘jump out’ and ‘partial document indexing,’ IDOL’s core index engine avoids these techniques. Users can cull with any combination of Boolean, keyword, conceptual and parametric search techniques to reduce the data set and skyrocketing costs associated with rampant over-collection and review of non-relevant documents.  With Autonomy Stratify, organizations can leverage advanced, easy-to-use analytics to test hypotheses in real time; scale to accommodate expanded requirements, quickly define data sets and initiate processing for efficient analysis, and examine embedded metadata in native applications.

Product Features

  • Intuitive, fully customizable, and easy-to-use interface increases productivity and efficiency
  • Process, index, analyze, review, and produce on a single, scalable platform
  • Innovative review capabilities provide control over review workflow and associated costs
  • Identify global keywords within long documents

Product Benefits

  • Faster, more efficient analysis with better, more focused results
  • Quickly pare large volumes of data to make information manageable for review
  • Radically reduce risk by defining security permissions
  • Examine embedded metadata in native applications directly within Autonomy Stratify Review
  • Home in on a precise set of documents needed for review or litigation

Product Differentiators

  • Automatically organize documents and emails to identify key custodians and triage irrelevant data
  • Translate documents and incorporate them into the same application for review
  • Manage multiple matters with multiple review teams over multiple years
  • Get 24x7 technical and project management support from experts with legal review expertise


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