ZANTAZ Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) is a highly scalable and flexible archiving platform that enables your organization to capture and preserve email messages, attachments, and files in a way that both optimizes storage and allows immediate access for discovery and review by courts, regulators, administrators, and end-users. Powered by IDOL, EAS automates the processing of enormous volumes of information, dynamically exposing the patterns, linkages and meaning within.


HP Consolidated Archive
HP Consolidated Archive
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HP Information Archiving
HP Information Archiving
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HP Consolidated Archive Datasheet
HP Consolidated Archive Datasheet

White Papers

Executive spotlight on information governance
Executive spotlight on information governance
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Make Information Work for You
Make Information Work for You
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Evaluating Information Governance Technology
Evaluating Information Governance Technology
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Reducing the cost and hassle of mailbox management for both IT and users

ZANTAZ EAS applies corporate policies to selectively offload email messages and files from servers into the archive. The EAS single instance storage algorithm eliminates wasteful redundancy while preserving and managing each specific instance of a file or message. When combined with highly efficient compression, the result is unparalleled storage optimization, with an overall reduction in stored content volume of 50 to 90 percent. Reduced storage requirements and more stable, responsive servers translate directly to a dramatic reduction in storage and backup costs as well as productivity gains for both administrators and end-users, who no longer have to deal with mailbox quotas or unstable servers and can easily and transparently access all archived information.

Ensuring ongoing compliance with internal and external regulations and policies

By consolidating email messages, attachments and files into a centrally managed, scalable repository, ZANTAZ EAS gives your organization control over its valuable information assetsacontrol that enables you to maintain ongoing compliance with internal corporate governance policies and procedures or externally mandated regulations. With EAS, administrators can set automatic retention and disposition policies for highly granular control over the information lifecycle.

To comply with corporate policies, information can be automatically classified based on specific keywords contained in messages and files or on metadata, such as address fields, date fields, and subject fields. EAS also supports mailbox journaling, capturing a copy of all email messages in the archive and ensuring preservation even if deleted or moved by users prior to archiving. And ZANTAZ EAS Supervisor provides capabilities to closely monitor and supervise emails and attachments.

Providing cost-effective, enterprise-wide support for legal discovery

In the event of a legal discovery request, your ZANTAZ EAS enterprise-wide archive can be searched with unparalleled security, scalability and performance driven by the IDOL platform on which EAS is built. By storing corporate information in an EAS repository, you avoid the need to manually search each desktop and server, dramatically reducing the time and cost involved in searching for information as well as the possibility of missing relevant information. Furthermore, with EAS, archived information can be rapidly reviewed and tagged within the context of a specific legal matter, with legal holds enacted to ensure the preservation of the information throughout the duration of the case. Proactively managing corporate information with EAS minimizes the risk of legal fines and penalties as well as the lasting damage to corporate brand equity that can result from litigation.

ZANTAZ EAS Product Family

The products in the ZANTAZ EAS family all share a common, distributed architecture built on the IDOL platform and engineered for robust scalability, performance and flexibility. The uniquely versatile architecture supports a wide variety of document storage options, including SAN, NAS, and onsite or hosted compliant media. In addition to EAS for Exchange, EAS for Notes, EAS for SharePoint, and EAS for Files, the EAS product family includes:


Provides an intuitive search interface and full-text indexing powered by IDOL for fast, accurate searching enter- prise-wide.

ZANTAZ EAS Supervisor

Provides sophisticated capabilities for monitoring both in real-time and post-process, and supervising email and attachments to ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

ZANTAZ EAS Discovery

Provides legal discovery-related search and review capabilities powered by IDOL, including the ability to export archived information directly to the requesting party or a litigation support solution, such as ZANTAZ Introspect.

ZANTAZ EAS Web Access and EAS Entourage Client

Provide client interfaces to extend end-user access beyond standard file and email clients.

ZANTAZ EAS Administrator, EAS Storage Manager, and EAS Dashboard

Provide a set of administrative interfaces and tools to simplify and streamline enterprise-wide management of the solution.

ZANTAZ EAS Software Developer\s Kit (SDK)

Enables customization, such as integrating EAS with complementary technologies or developing vertical applications for specific market segments.


About HP Autonomy ZANTAZ

Autonomy ZANTAZ is the leader in the archiving, eDiscovery and Proactive Information Risk Management markets. It is the only vendor that offers an entire spectrum of Proactive Information Risk Management solu- tions ranging from real-time policy management, records management and consolidated archiving to early case assessment, enterprise legal hold and EDD, review, and production. ZANTAZ solutions run on a common platform, IDOL, which supports more than 100 languages and 1,000 file types. ZANTAZ solutions are available as hosted services, on-site software or a combination of both. ZANTAZ customers include 9 of the 10 top global law firms, 11 of the Fortune 25 and 14 of the top 20 financial securities firms. Customers include Abbott Labo- ratories, Capital One, JMP Securities, Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Mutual, Linklaters, Philip Morris International and the U.S. Department of Interior.

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