Fortify Collaboration

Finding security vulnerabilities in software is crucial, but fixing them—and preventing new ones from being introduced—is the ultimate goal.

Software Security Assurance (SSA) depends on close collaboration between your security and development teams. And by automating this collaborative process, you can substantially reduce risk to your software with far less cost and effort.

With Fortify Collaboration, security and developer teams get a complete set of collaborative remediation capabilities and can quickly triage and fix vulnerabilities. Working collaboratively, they can efficiently perform code reviews and track issues through to resolution. And developers can increase their productivity with our plug-ins to industry-standard Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and bug tracking systems.

With Collaboration you can rapidly resolve security issues in software code, track all activities and communication in the context of a specific project and easily implement project-level policies. As a result, you fix vulnerabilities faster with defect-tracking integration, navigation and auditing, keep remediation goals on track, improve your development processes and grow your pool of remediation intelligence.


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