Fortify Mobile Application Security

Securing the complete mobile stack—from the device to the server to the network communications.

Mobile computing is a fact of life in the modern enterprise. Just a few years ago, access to the Internet was only available at work or at home– tethered to a physical location. Then, security was manageable; all you had to do was secure and protect your network to block cyber attackers from coming in.

Today, the rapid and everyday adoption of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, has created a significant security challenge for companies and IT professionals. Suddenly, employees can casually browse, make purchases or conduct business transactions anytime, anywhere – wherever they are. That’s a lot of mobile, representing a large potential attack surface.

How do you ensure that your mobile presence is always safe and secure?

Fortify Mobile Application Security solutions provide the most comprehensive, automated and advanced mobile security protection for the enterprise. Whether your application is developed in-house, procured from third-party sources or running in production, we ensure that every single line of code is written securely for iOS or Android.


Fortify Mobile Application Security solutions provide the following benefits:

Fortify Mobile Application Security solutions are available for use on-premise or on-demand, and with managed services.


Mobile product support


Mobile assessment services

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