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It is one thing to address security vulnerabilities in software during development or during QA testing, but what about the software you have already deployed and use every day?

It may contain multiple vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Removing them may not be practical in the short term, for a variety of reasons.
What is needed is the ability to manage the risk from potential vulnerabilities until they can be fixed. The Fortify Real-Time Analyzer (RTA) in Fortify Software Security Center helps accomplish this by automatically blocking attacks for common vulnerabilities from inside the application and collecting data on actual attacks.
With Fortify RTA, you reduce security risks in deployed Java and .NET applications,  automatically block attacks for common vulnerabilities from inside applications and take advantage of flexible attack responses— block user, alert administrator, etc. As a result, you protect deployed applications—reducing risk from the most prevalent hacking techniques—and  get immediate help with compliance.


Identify root security causes in deployed software, provide precision defense without tuning, enable customized attack responses and deliver sophisticated protection out of the box.

  • Reduce security risks in deployed applications
  • Automatically block attacks for common vulnerabilities from inside applications
  • Automatically monitor Java and .NET applications and get data on actual attacks
  • Take advantage of flexible attack responses—e.g., block user, alert administrator and more
  • Protect applications simply and easily—requires no customization, training, coding or modeling

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