• Enterprise Applications

Become more customer centric, balance costs with agility, and improve your risk management and industry differentiation with NDM's consulting services.

Customer care and insight

Know your customer. Exceed their expectations.

Make your customer the organizing principle around which you align your data, processes and systems. Doing so positions you to:

Core banking

Smarter banking that's streamlined and flexible

Many of today's core banking systems are outdated, costly, inflexible and ill-equipped to support innovation or growth. To get ahead, banks must be ready to adapt to structural shifts, respond rapidly to new business needs, proactively manage customers and deliver products faster.

With an adaptable core banking system, you'll see better customer acquisition rates, increased revenue per customer and lower operating costs.

Payments and transaction services

Deliver new customer-centric products and services quickly

Today’s aging bank payment architectures are not flexible enough to respond to regulatory and competitive pressures and are unable to accommodate new risk and customer service models. The current architectures are also ill-equipped to handle increasing transaction volumes from emerging markets and from improving mature economies.

Banks with a more flexible payment infrastructure will be ready for the competitive market ahead. Adopting a long-term IT payment strategy focused on agility and transparency is essential for maintaining a healthy and vibrant payment franchise.

Integrated risk management

Optimize your enterprise risk management. Become more profitable.

Enterprise risk management is a critical differentiator that drives business performance and better outcomes. It helps protect your brand, provides a framework for implementing enterprise-wide governance policies, ensures regulatory compliance, and increases revenue through improved risk-aware decision making.