• Enterprise Applications

Transform your policy administration and back-office infrastructure

NDM Insurance Services provide back-office support to streamline administrative processes for claims from life, annuity, property and casualty policies. Our services are focused on cutting costs, driving revenue growth, and improving customer satisfaction to retain good relationships. With more than 20 years experience delivering insurance services we can provide you expertise in as relationship management, delivery planning and sales.

Insurance carriers have made significant investments in technology over the years. But these investments are unlikely to have delivered genuine flexibility in your key business processes. This is the one quality you really need to rapidly innovate your way to business growth and operational efficiency—while your competitors remain constrained by outdated legacy systems.

We can help you transform your processes and technology environments to achieve the outcomes that matter most.

Increase productivity and revenue

HP Insurance Services deliver significant financial benefits and the opportunity for your top-line growth:

  • Significant cost savings/expense reduction
  • Data accuracy improved, triggering reduction in the volumes of customer service calls
  • Better risk management, protecting financed assets through notification of changes in insurance status
  • Cost reduction through automation of a paper-intensive manual processes
  • Information distributed to one point instead of managing data distribution to multiple organizations
  • Easy access to a two-year running archive of insurer transactions via a comprehensive website
  • Returned mail processing that facilitates redirection of mail to the correct address
  • Audit trail availability