• Enterprise Applications

Plan and build an information infrastructure to provide the data needed for smart business decisions. Our solutions help you identify the right Big Data business opportunity and build comprehensive solutions to successfully apply new Big Data developments.

Identify Big Data Opportunities

Uncover compelling insights about your business to gain a competitive advantage. NDM will build a comprehensive roadmap focused on your highest priority initiatives and tailored to your unique organizational and technical requirements and capabilities.
  • Agile Data Platform: NDM will help you create an agile data warehouse that is extensible and able to rapidly ingest new data sources, has flexible data models for exploration of dynamic insight, and augments Extract-Transform-Load with Extract-Load-Transform to enhance data enrichment and capabilities.
  • Quality, Governance, & Security: A well-architected plan will monitor, enhance, and ensure the security, accuracy, and completeness of your organization’s strategic data stores on an ongoing (operational) basis and address data procedures, policies, and organizational discipline.
  • Next-Generation Business Intelligence & Analytics: NDM takes a use-case approach to identify the ramifications to your business intelligence and analytics systems from new Big Data sources and enables a comprehensive user experience needed to support the timely decision making facilitated by Big Data.


Historically, business users and their communication service providers (CSPs) have only had a small subset of data available to try to answer key questions, and have been forced to make critical decisions relying on intuition and historical—potentially outdated—experience rather than on sound and verifiable information. As a result, communications, media, and entertainment companies are trying to gain greater insight into their businesses, their products and services, and their customers in order to gain a competitive advantage.


To develop a Big Data strategy for capitalizing on such new business insight, you must address more than just data volume. A successful Big Data strategy must consider the volume, velocity, variety, and complexity of information available.

NDM helps you identify the right Big Data business opportunity and build a comprehensive roadmap to capitalize on it. NDM has a proven approach that ensures that Big Data management and its supporting architecture address the issues that emerge from the volume and wide variety of data formats, data velocity, and the complexity of the data assets. You may need to update existing tools, platforms, and approaches to exploit the business potential of Big Data.


  • Benefit from more agile, more real-time, more accurate decision-making
  • Predict and spot changes in dynamic and volatile markets
  • Have a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behavior
  • Experience greater fidelity in risk assessment and compliance enforcement