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Network Your Way to an Efficient Organization

There is a good chance your data center is bursting at the seams with cables, and you are dealing with high power and cooling costs. Requests for more server and storage bandwidth, and increasing rack density only add to the complexity.  

Is your data center built on proprietary solutions or on solutions that require costly services and rip and replace upgrades?

NDM believes that open standards are in your best interest. The era of 10 GB Ethernet and IEEE Data Center Bridging (DCB) ushers in standards that can converge your entire network into a single fabric.

Drive the efficiencies of open standards into your fabric:

  • Choose the best products from multiple vendors.
  • Get equipment and services when and where you need them.
  • Incorporate tomorrow’s innovations without writing off today’s investments.

Efficiencies attained through standardization, simplification and automation reduce your total cost of ownership, increase business agility and improve network resiliency.