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Detect, block, and respond to modern cyber threats.


Prevent confidential information exposure and enable compliance with global data protection regulations and internal policy.


Meet obligations and improve Discovery across multiple divisions and geographies.

Proofpoint Products for Government

Enterprise Protection

Enterprise Protection

Guard against advanced phishing, malware, spam, and other email-borne threats


Detect and block phishing, spear phishing, watering holes and other email-borne threats


Protect your organization from malicious attackers using advertising in web pages as a delivery vehicle.


Enable automated discovery and remediation of risky content while mitigating the impact of a data breach
Threat Response

Threat Response

A single pane of glass designed from the ground up for Incident Response teams; instantly verify, prioritize and contain advanced threats and targeted attacks


Industry-Leading Data Loss Prevention & Encryption to control information that leaves your organization in your emails, social media & web file sharing


Capture, preserve, and deliver email, IM, documents, and social content—providing streamlined discovery and simplified regulatory compliance


Track, classify, monitor and control retention and disposition of data across the enterprise—regardless of where it is located


Protection on All Devices, Everywhere

Protect staff from email and social-media borne cyber threats.

Government organizations face unique challenges in protecting staff from email and social-media borne cyberthreats. Users are diverse, each with different usage patterns and access needs. This diversity increases the opportunities for malicious actors to compromise users. Proofpoint security solutions for government organizations keeps malware, spam, and targeted attacks such as phishing out of your users’ mailboxes and social media accounts, and transparently protect users no matter where they access those accounts – from within or outside the institution’s walls, on desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

As evaluated by Gartner, Proofpoint provides the best threat protection available today against external malicious threats. Our security solutions for government organizations communications channels keep malware, spam, viruses, and targeted attacks such as phishing out of users' mailboxes and social media accounts.

Proofpoint Protection Key Benefits:

Proofpoint MLX Deep Content Analysis
Keep safe with accurate threat classification of phish, spam, malware, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content.

Targeted Attack Protection
Continue to monitor and protect against URLs embedded in emails, which may “go bad” at any time

Multilayered Virus Protection
Benefit from signature-based, anti-virus, and behavior-based zero-hour protection.

Dynamic Reputation Service
Leverage Global IP and URL reputation.

Granular, Flexible Policy Management
Experience total control and flexibility regarding your email security preferences, policies, enabled services, end user controls, alerts and reporting.

Tools for Response
Have readily available tools on hand, in case you need to react to a direct attack.

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Comprehensive, Advanced Threat Protection

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Protect your staff against all forms of cyberattacks, including modern targeted attacks such as spear phishing and credential attacks as well as traditional threats such as spam and viruses. Stop advanced threats that are capable of evading even the most sophisticated signature- and reputation-based defenses before they can give attackers and cybercriminals a foothold in your network.

Proofpoint provides the industry’s leading Secure Email Gateway to block known threats – and Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection™ is designed to identify suspicious email messages containing malicious URLs or malicious email attachments before their payloads can be delivered. Proofpoint provides an integrated defense against advanced email-borne threats that complements your existing Proofpoint cloud- based or on-premise email gateways.

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Powerful, transparent email encryption

Provide email encryption that’s transparent to end users, but backed by a strong policy engine that ensures all sensitive data is protected before it leaves the organization. Proofpoint Encryption also makes sure that all encrypted messages are branded to your university's requirements.

Recipients of Proofpoint encrypted emails follow a few simple steps to authenticate and access their messages. No pre-registration or exchange of encryption keys is required to use Proofpoint Encryption; ad-hoc email encryption is fully supported.

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Comprehensive, Advanced Threat Protection

Ensure sensitive information -- from research results to health records -- is protected from unauthorized or accidental transmission.

Proofpoint’s solution can detect sensitive data within a file—even if the file format has been changed. For example, with Proofpoint solutions you can detect a simple paragraph from a Microsoft Word document that had been copied into the body of an email, distributed file, or social media post. Proofpoint can then route the offending communication to IT, HR, or elsewhere appropriately.

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Compliance with regulations and internal policy

Prevent confidential information exposure and enable compliance with global data protection regulations and internal policy.

Enable compliance with Federal,., international, and State-specific data protection regulations, such as Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00, California Civil Code § 1798.81.5, and Maryland Code, Commercial Law § 14-3501, amongst others.

Key benefits of Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy include:

Simplified Regulatory Compliance
Ensure your outbound messages comply with national and state government and industry-specific privacy regulations.

Superior Malicious and Accidental Data Loss Protection
Protect against the loss of sensitive data—whether from a cybercriminal attempting to exfiltrate valuable data from a compromised system, or from an employee accidentally distributing a file to the wrong party through email, webmail, social media, file sharing, or other Internet-based mechanisms for publishing content.

Easy-to-use Secure Communication
Share sensitive data easily without compromising security and privacy, and enable authorized external recipients to decrypt and read the communications from any device.

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Advanced Data Loss Prevention

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Identify regulated private content, valuable corporate assets, and confidential information before they leave the organization by way of either email, web-based applications, or our Secure Share solution. Pre-packaged smart identifiers and dictionaries will automatically and accurately detect a wide range of regulated content such as social security numbers, health records, credit card numbers, and driver's license numbers.

In addition to regulated content, our machine-learning technology can identify confidential, organization-specific content and assets. Once identified and classified, sensitive data can be blocked, encrypted, and transmitted or re-routed internally, based on content and identity-aware policies.

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FISMA/FedRAMP-Compliant Archiving

Manage information inclusively, securely, and in accordance with the U.S. Federal Government’s accepted set of baseline security controls and processes for Government Agencies.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive has met the stringent requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certification and accreditation (C&A) process. Proofpoint manages information with heightened controls and operational safeguards in order to operate a service to FISMA standards.

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Compliance and legal discovery in a single-platform archiving solution

Employ our single-platform, FISMA-compliant archiving solution with features that help state, local, and federal government organizations address challenges around email storage management, eDiscovery, and regulatory compliance.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive Key Benefits:

Industry-leading Security and Privacy
Encrypt all email messages, files and other content with keys you control through our patented DoubleBlindTM technology. This ensures that no one can access a readable form of your data without your authorized access to the encryption keys stored behind your firewall.

Always Available Storage
Innovative, cloud-based storage infrastructure is comprised of geographically distributed data centers, which ensures that information is available in the event of service disruption to either location.

Search Performance Backed by SLA
Ensure that information is always accessible, whether to address eDiscovery, regulatory inquiry, or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request – with self-service accessibility to email, instant messages, social media, and the contents of more than 400 types of attachments—with results presented in seconds.

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Easily answer a request for information

Use easy, high-speed search technology to produce requested information quickly, complying with mandates set by FRCP and the Freedom of Information Act.