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Detect, block, harden against, and respond to threats that are viciously designed to give attackers access to your critical, sensitive information—and consequently disrupt your business.


Get the global insight and assistance you need to control your information and keep it private, reduce risk, and comply with industry and government regulations.


Meet preservation obligations and improve the efficiency of your Discovery process—across multiple divisions and geographies.

Proofpoint Products for Pharmaceutical Industry

Enterprise Protection

Enterprise Protection

Guard against advanced phishing, malware, spam, and other email-borne threats


Detect and block phishing, spear phishing, watering holes and other email-borne threats


Protect your organization from malicious attackers using advertising in web pages as a delivery vehicle.


Enable automated discovery and remediation of risky content while mitigating the impact of a data breach
Threat Response

Threat Response

A single pane of glass designed from the ground up for Incident Response teams; instantly verify, prioritize and contain advanced threats and targeted attacks


Industry-Leading Data Loss Prevention & Encryption to control information that leaves your organization in your emails, social media & web file sharing


Capture, preserve, and deliver email, IM, documents, and social content—providing streamlined discovery and simplified regulatory compliance


Track, classify, monitor and control retention and disposition of data across the enterprise—regardless of where it is located


Enlist the best-in-class threat protection

Phishing attacks are on the rise, focused not only on end user account credentials but also on sensitive data—Safeguard your business with our industry-leading comprehensive corporate solution for email, distributed file, and social media compliance and security.

We provide the best email threat protection available against these external malicious threats today, with protection and privacy capabilities including:

  • Email Encryption
  • Smart Identifiers
  • Accurate Detection of NPI
  • Flexible Policy Management
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Workflow
  • Flexible Remediation
  • Full Support for Cloud-based Email Systems (e.g., MS Office 365)

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Key Benefits:

Proofpoint MLX Deep Content Analysis
Keep safe with accurate threat classification of phish, spam, malware, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content.

Multilayered Virus Protection
Benefit from signature-based, anti-virus, and behavior-based zero-hour protection.

Dynamic Reputation Service
Leverage Global IP and URL reputation.

Granular, Flexible Policy Management
Experience total control and flexibility regarding your email security preferences, policies, enabled services, end user controls, alerts and reporting.

Tools for Response
Have readily available tools on hand, in case you need to react to a direct attack.

Employ the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Email Security Threat Classification & Management Solution

Classify your enterprise emails based on the level of email security threat to your organization and manage them accordingly.

Backed by the patented MLX Threat Classification Engine that’s focused on supporting your mission-critical business communications, we classify enterprise emails as either valid email, nuisance spam, or malicious, low-volume phishing attacks. Our email security threat protection solution uses real-time email message-tracing to provide the necessary security tools to triage any security threats.

Be Protected from Targeted Attacks

Secure top-of-the-line protection from targeted attacks—which are three times more likely to target financial services than other enterprises.

Attackers have refined the tactics of phishing by incorporating the business world’s practice of using customized marketing to reach a targeted audience. And email is still the biggest vector for malware, since it has a record of success based on targeting individuals.

Deliberately stealthy, targeted messages are sent from IP addresses with good reputations, and sometimes use co-worker and manager names, and reference LinkedIn connections and Facebook updates. The result is the emails seem normal to the end user. But they’re unique to most email security systems, which fail to identify a pattern or recognize that there’s a targeted attack on the horizon.

To protect your company from these dangerous targeted attacks, Proofpoint leads the way with a sophisticated solution—which takes phishing detection to the next level by offering a very complex form of tracking that enables your organization to spot and prevent an attack automatically before it happens.

Get full support for cloud-based email and social media systems (e.g., MS Office 365)

Proofpoint is available as a cloud-based data security solution and provides all the same rich functionality available as an on-premise solution. Our solution also seamlessly integrates to any cloud-based email solution, such as Microsoft's Office 365, ensuring regulatory compliance while taking advantage of the cost benefits of the cloud.


Ensure regulatory compliance and privacy

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Compliance regulations are becoming stricter and covering more organizations than ever before. In the United States, not only are pharmaceutical organizations subject to compliance regulations and restrictions, but also so are their business partners, such as auditing and account firms.

Proofpoint in-place and outbound Data Loss Prevention and Encryption helps organizations with compliance requirements by accurately identifying emails containing sensitive information, and blocking or encrypting the messages before they leave the organization. Proofpoint also protects that information from viruses and malware, providing the industry’s best threat protection against modern-day, malicious threats.

Acquire Fully Integrated Email Encryption

Ensures your organization is maintaining compliance to privacy regulations but does not place the burden on employees.

Proofpoint Encryption is easy-to-use email encryption, backed by a strong policy engine that ensures all sensitive data is protected before it leaves your organization. All encrypted messages follow your organization’s compliance requirements.

Recipients of Proofpoint encrypted emails follow extremely simple steps to authenticate and access their messages. No pre-registration or exchange of encryption keys is required to use Proofpoint Encryption; ad-hoc email encryption is fully supported.

Experience worry-free sharing of sensitive data

Ensure privacy in order to avoid data loss and remain in compliance. Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy (outbound and in-place Data Loss Prevention and encryption) helps organizations adhere to regulatory compliance and privacy regulations by ensuring that email carrying sensitive information is always secured—whether that entails blocking the information from leaving the organization or (in cases where the information needs to be shared), or encrypting it before it leaves the organization.

Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy can be deployed either on-premise, with physical or completely virtualized appliances, or as a SaaS solution with no change in functionality. Organizations can maintain regulatory compliance to increasingly strict healthcare privacy regulations while reducing costs by moving infrastructure into the cloud.

Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy Key Benefits:

Simplified Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your outbound messages comply with national and state government regulations, as well as industry-specific privacy regulations.

Superior Malicious and Accidental Data Loss Protection: Protect against the loss of sensitive data—whether from a cybercriminal attempting to exfiltrate valuable data from a compromised system, or from an employee accidentally distributing a file to the wrong party through email, webmail, social media, file sharing, or other Internet-based mechanisms for publishing content.

Easy-to-use Secure Communication: Share sensitive data easily without compromising security and privacy, and enable authorized external recipients to decrypt and read the communications from any device.

Employ flexible remediation

Allow sender-based remediation and help prevent regulatory compliance issues that result inadvertent data loss—the origin of the vast majority of compliance issues

Allow sender-based remediation and help prevent regulatory compliance issues that result inadvertent data loss—the origin of the vast majority of compliance issues.

Proofpoint Smart Send is a feature that gives select administrators the ability to perform sender-based remediation. Smart Send can temporarily stop this message, send a notification back to the sender alerting them of the content within the message, but then also provide direct remediation options within the notification: the ability to block that communication permanently, the ability to release that communication, or to encrypt that message before sending (if email).

Smart Send can be enabled for the entire organization or for specific groups.


Achieve compliance, supervision and legal discovery in a single-platform archiving solution

Employ our single-platform, FISMA-compliant archiving solution with features that help organizations address challenges around email storage management, eDiscovery, and regulatory compliance.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive Key Benefits:

Industry-leading Security and Privacy: Encrypt all email messages, files and other content with keys you control through our patented DoubleBlindTM technology. This ensures that no one can access a readable form of your data without your authorized access to the encryption keys stored behind your firewall.

Fully SEC Compliant Storage: Get a secure, tamper-proof SEC email compliance storage infrastructure comprised of geographically distributed data centers, which ensures that information is available in the event of service disruption to either location. Proofpoint Enterprise Archive meets all conditions set forth in SEC Rule 17a-4 paragraph f (2) (ii).

Robust Supervisory Review for Compliance: Make use of our robust supervision review features, significantly improving the efficiency of the compliance audit process. Our solution enables greater productivity of compliance staff and improves effectiveness in identifying and routing potential policy violations that require further review or escalation.

Employ a state-of-the-art social platform for archiving

Make use of our policy-based controls to capture social content so that it can be managed as any other critical information asset would be. Capture all social conversational content in real-time—even if a user deletes that content. This ensures that you remain compliant with specific financial regulatory obligations.

Proofpoint Social Platform for Archiving Key Benefits:

Channel-specific Modules: Use channel-specific modules that leverage existing APIs to capture content directly from the source.

Flexible Capture: Capture social content (along with associated links or attachments) for all or a subset of users to address specific requirements for specific users who must be monitored and supervised for regulatory compliance. Subsequent posts can also be captured to maintain communication threads.

Location-Aware Capture: Use APIs to capture data from original social media sources allows content to be captured regardless of where users post (e.g., web browser, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, etc.).

Advanced Compliance Capabilities: Automate and streamline critical compliance tasks. These include mapping to user-specific journaling destinations, conditionally capturing content for users, indicating record followers, and custom email tags.

Policy-based Retention: Securely store all social content in your existing information archive, thereby adhering to your corporate electronic communications retention policy.

Single Pane of Glass with Enterprise Archive: Search, discover, supervise, and report on social content alongside email and IM content.

Support for Existing Archives: Deliver social content to your existing archive, enabling you to leverage existing supervisory tools without complex archive migration. Seamlessly integrate social media content into solutions, including Symantec Enterprise Vault, EMC, Bloomberg Archiver, HP/Autonomy, Smarsh, Global Relay, and others.

Benefit from self-service for your compliance and legal teams

Achieve sustainably fast and reliable access to archived messages for improved response to regulatory inquiries and legal discovery. Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is optimized for speed.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is optimized for speed. Its intuitive design allows legal discovery and compliance teams to conduct self-service searches against email, instant messages, social media, and the contents of more than 400 types of attachments—with results presented in seconds.

Unlike any on-premise system, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive performs consistently and reliably, regardless of how large the data repository or how complex the search.

Also unlike any other company in the industry, Proofpoint is the only one that backs this performance with a Service Level guarantee.