What is the Cost?


Enterprise Protection


Effectively block known threats and predictively block new, emerging threats and campaigns.


Powerful threat classification and real-time analysis of threats across the entire organization.


Rich email policy options enable fine-tuning of email routing, handling and quarantine rules.


Flexible, scalable architecture and administration for appropriate delegation and controls.

Advanced Threat Protection

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Proofpoint has been a leader in effective blocking of email-borne threats for over a decade. Use Proofpoint Enterprise Protection to block known and unknown vectors including:

  • Polymorphic and zero-day malware
  • Weaponized attachments
  • Malicious embedded URLs
  • Other advanced exploits

…as well as spam, viruses, phish, bulk mail, and more. To detect such known and emerging inbound advanced threats effectively and quickly Proofpoint employs a variety of technologies based on Big Data analysis techniques, including both reactive and predictive approaches, as follow:

  • Real-time IP reputation: assesses a sending address’ likely threat level based on content
  • Real-time URL reputation: assesses embedded URLs’ likely threat level based on content
  • Content & attachment signatures: match inbound content against known bad signatures
  • Predictive URL sandboxing: pre-emptively runs binary downloads in virtual environments long before end-users click to download them.
  • Credential Phishing detection: identifies credential-seeking attacks, even without malicious binaries
  • IP-velocity and volume tracking: assesses inbound vectors based on rapidity and volume relative to threat level associated with senders and recipients.
  • Zero-hour attachment blocking: proactively evaluates attachments against heuristics and virtual environment results
  • Automated campaign identification: associates classes of content with threats
  • Predictive content analysis: pre-emptively assesses threat levels based on content

Collectively, these technologies have made Proofpoint the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Threat Classification and Real-Time Analysis

The New Phishing Threat

Some vectors contain multiple threats, which should be handled differently.

For example, an inbound email might appear to be simple advertising, based on content – but also link to dangerous advanced malware. Fine-grained classification is essential, to prevent such an email being placed into user-releasable spam quarantine vs. preserved in a safe environment for IT analysis of the malware risk.

Proofpoint applies multiple automated analyses to inbound and outbound traffic, to understand the precise nature and threat level of the traffic, including:

Multiple content filters:

  • Structural tests
  • Single-byte and double-byte language content inspection
  • Pornography detection
  • Malicious URL detection

…as well as any custom filter policies your administrators have defined

Multiple anti-virus filters, from your choice of multiple leading A/V engines

Advanced Threat Detection, as described in the previous section.

Collectively, these technologies enable administrators to specify appropriate routing of threats, risks, and prioritized communications, for better security and better end-user productivity & satisfaction.

Unmatched Control

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Proofpoint’s solution provides a rich set of policy options, to enable fine-tuning of routing, handling and security rules.

From administrator-level customization of policies based on users, groups, or domains to end-user self-service to adjust receiving preferences, Proofpoint enables security and flexibility – and Proofpoint’s SmartSearch technology enables rapid message tracing and tracking for remediation.

Control functionality includes:
Administrator Filter Customization
All filter policies can be customized at a global, group, or user level—with full integration to LDAP or Active Directory to simplify on-going administration.

End-User Control of Preferences
Reducing the load on IT, end-users can exert simple, "self-service" control over their personal preferences within the limits set by IT, including:

  • Personalized filter quarantines and quarantine digest reports within the communication stream they receive after filtering
  • Personalized filter safelists and blocklists. (Global filter lists override end user lists.)
  • Web-based, filter quarantine and profile administration.
  • Ability to opt in and out of different filter policies (as permitted by IT administrator- configurable settings).

Collectively, these technologies enable administrators to balance control and end-user satisfaction, while reducing the load on IT and ensuring better security and message delivery.

Robust Delivery and Administration

Proofpoint offers flexible deployment options from on-premise to cloud, powerful and scalable performance based on Sendmail, and flexible, multilingual global administration capabilities.

Specific details of form-factors, routing, business continuity and administration include:

  • Support for multiple form-factors (Cloud, Appliances, Virtual Machines, Hybrid) for flexible deployment, and scalable performance. Proofpoint has proven ability to scale from thousands to hundreds of thousands of users in 72 hours in customer deployments.
  • Powerful routing: Proofpoint’s solution is built on top of the commercial version of Sendmail, the world’s most widely used MTA.
  • Business Continuity: ensures uninterrupted secure email access in the event of a disaster or security breach.
  • Flexible, global administration: Proofpoint’s solution provides granular and delegated administration for complex global organizations, including the ability to assign administration to globally separated teams. Proofpoint also has multilingual support interfaces for message digests and web-based spam quarantines in Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Collectively, this functionality ensures administrators can easily use and rely on Proofpoint to provide a robust security solution that can evolve with their organizations’ needs.