What is the Cost?


Malvertising Protection


Gain insight into the entire ad chain, detect and track malvertisements, and warn owners about problematic ad networks.


Detect malvertising that could compromise your users —even before an end user is exposed to the site.

For Publishers, Ad Networks, Servers, Exchanges, Optimizers and Demand-side Platforms (DSPs)

Successfully protect yourself from delivering malvertising by tracking the flow of malvertisements—and warn owners about problematic ad networks.

Proofpoint Malvertising Protection addresses the concerns of publishers and others on the demand side, who know what malvertising costs in terms of revenue loss, fines, and brand reputation. Proofpoint ensures ads are authentic and unaltered. Our cloud-based, malvertising protection solution detects and analyzes the ad tags, creative, and actual impressions served—and delivers customizable notifications providing scalable, timely advertising safety information and analytics. This provides Publishers and Demand Side Platforms a deep insight into the entire ad chain while precisely pinpointing any problems in the context of the larger ecosystem. The result is that publishers and DSPs have substantially greater control over the safety of online ads.

Proofpoint Malvertising Protection facilitates real-time malvertising detection and mitigation with the following:

Advanced Malware Detection
Track down attackers who use various techniques to add malicious code to legitimate websites. Going well beyond traditional signature-based detection, Proofpoint Malvertising Protection's real-time, malvertising detection capabilities are assisted by a revolutionary malware description language and multiple detection vectors, which provide:

  • Proof of malicious behavior.
  • Detailed forensic information.
  • Deep analytics related to various aspects associated with a given ad.

API Access
Customize integration of malvertising detection with other ad operations processes and solutions by employing Proofpoint Malvertising Protection API: a flexible, highly scalable, easy-to-use access interface that helps publishers, ad networks, and ad servers with low, medium, high or very high volumes. Our API provides:

  • Continuous scanning of individual Ad Tags for publishers whose ads are highly dynamic, pulling creative from multiple sources.
  • An on-demand scanning option for ad networks, DSPs, ad servers, etc., who wish to execute an in-depth check on submitted creatives before propagating them across their environment.
  • Geo-location labeling that allows emulation scanning from environments around the world—delivering insight into which ads are being viewed by visitors in different countries.
  • A cloud-based solution that enables simple scaling of scan volumes without manual intervention.

Advertising Analytics
Take advantage of a host of analytic features related to the safety of your online advertising infrastructure:

  • Analyze the parties involved in supplying the ads to your website or network—and what their reputation is regarding malicious ads.
  • Identify the top source URLs for malicious ads and proactively block them from your system.
  • Gain insight into how many times a given creative appears on your site within a cyclic rotation of multiple ad creatives.

Widget-based UI
Benefit from scanning results, which are output into a customizable widget-based dashboard that delivers detailed forensic information related to the nature of a discovered malvertisment. This information includes:

  • The exhibited malicious behavior.
  • Specific exploits.
  • Screenshots of the offending creative.
  • A full trace of all redirects in the creative supply chain that pinpoints the origin/location of the malicious creative.
  • New widgets combining various data outputs can be created for customized reporting and metrics.

For Enterprises

Prevent malware from infecting your enterprise's computers. Automatically block links to sites suspected of containing malvertising, using Big Data analysis and advanced statistical modeling proactively to perform advanced dynamic malware analysis.

Proofpoint Malvertising Protection’s predictive defense capabilities can detect malvertising even on trusted sites, and even before end users click on what appear to be legitimate ad links.

With Proofpoint's end-to-end insight and protection, and less time needed for detection, enterprises can minimize computer compromises—and reduce incident response time, effort, and costs.