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Ensure external and internal compliance, transparently, so your users can simply ‘post’ to social media or press ‘send’ in email without being forced to make policy decisions. From guaranteeing adherence to internal HR or security controls on communications, to external regulatory constraints such as HIPAA PCI FINRA or others or internal policy, Proofpoint’s transparent DLP, Encryption, and Content Control for email and Social Media will fulfil your compliance needs.


Email and uploads


Outbound email and files


Social media, instant messaging, email


Data distributed on desktops, cloud


The goal
Remove the risk of the wrong material leaving your enterprise. This includes proprietary material, offensive material, material not in compliance with government regulations or your own policies, or sensitive material addressed to the wrong person. If that material has already been sent and the situation has changed, immediately remove recipients’ access to the material.

The problem
Best practice is to keep security and disclosure policy decisions out of the hands of individual end users. However, for various reasons, many organizations force end users choose which content is appropriate to be sent out, whether to encrypt it or not, and how and where to send it—too often resulting in the wrong choice and a non-compliant outcome.

The solution
Proofpoint eliminates the risk inherent in individuals making security and disclosure policy decisions by implementing a user-transparent, centrally based, policy-driven data loss prevention filter. Users simply send email or files, and the appropriate action is automatically taken—e.g., allowing the information to be sent or posted, encrypted if appropriate,, or re-routing it to IT, HR, or back to the user for remediation.

The result
Proofpoint ensures policy is implemented consistently, reliably, and without incentives for users to circumvent it.

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Secure Communications

Send encrypted email automatically—without your organization’s end users having to take any action. Senders simply press send. If there’s a problem encountered with any recipient, recall the email you wish hadn't been sent.

The problem
More than two thirds of an organization’s intellectual property is typically exchanged by email between offices, partners, and customers. If your sensitive content is being sent out without proper oversight regarding its compliance to government regulations as well as your own policies, it might not be encrypted—and you run the risk of leaks and other exposure. In addition, if you count on individual users to determine the appropriateness of the content, you also risk exposure, whether caused accidentally or purposefully.

The solution
Proofpoint enables user-transparent, automatic encryption, and addresses regulated email as well as email that needs to be retracted in the event of an error or recipient data breach. No user action is required. Senders simply press "Send." If there's a problem with a recipient(s), the mail can be revoked.

The result
Proofpoint makes sure information control is extended beyond the borders of the building—and so information risk is correspondingly reduced.

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Comply with Regulatory Policies

The goal:
Execute quick and reliable archival, search and tracking of files.

The problem:
Organizations face increasingly large amounts of complex regulation, accompanied by increasingly high penalties for violations. In addition, they may experience even higher internal costs, due to compliance failure.

The solution:
Proofpoint enables users to archive and search email, files, IM, and social media communications, and more, with a 20-second search time—and even tracks files as they move between email and desktops, share drives and SharePoint.

The result:
Proofpoint ensures that proof of chains of custody, information exposure, and original data are all at compliance officers’ fingertips—without the need for lengthy IT involvement or resource allocation.

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Control Information Distribution

The goal:
Identify and track data to always understand which documents are where, thusremediating risk.

The problem:
The more places sensitive data is, the more likely it will be exposed to the wrong people – via malicious breach, espionage, or simple employee error. But the modern enterprise demands that data be available. How can you balance the need for availability with the need for visibility and control?

The solution:
Proofpoint is able to identify and track sensitive content and its movement before any loss occurs, regardless of cause—and employs powerful policy controls to perform automated remediation of risk (eg, notification of data in the wrong place, and deletion or reclamation as appropriate)...before it's too late.

The result:
Proofpoint ensures that data movement and location become visible, data loss risk is reduced, and users’ behaviors are better understood.

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