Communications Continuity

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Communications Continuity

ShoreTel solutions have a reputation for being highly reliable and secure. They “just work” because they are designed, integrated and tested for reliability before you get them onsite. Our distributed, virtualized architecture, and N+1 redundancy means that if ever a failure were to occur somewhere within your communications or network infrastructure, you would experience no disruption of service, no dropped calls.

Our ShoreTel Sky hosted cloud service guarantees Service Level Agreements and 99.999% availability for 100% ease of mind. We are so proud of our Quality of Service and responsiveness that we post performance metrics for everyone to see on our Trust website.


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Choosing a Cloud Solution:

  • I want the flexibility of managed telephony services in the cloud; the guarantee of the provider’s SLAs.

  • I want a service provider who can also help me to provide site survivability.

  • I want a cloud service provider who can give me the peace of mind of end-to-end encryption to protect my data.

  • I want a cloud provider whose datacenter is "5 nines" reliable and protected from natural disaster or service interruptions.

  • I want to focus on growing my business and delighting my customers – not on delivering communications services.

  • I want premiere service and support and the ability to see in real time how my provider’s service is working.

  • I want one telephony service provider in case of problems.

  • I want endpoints that are easy for my employees to use.

Choosing a Premises Solution:

  • I have a highly reliable, secure infrastructure and want to control all aspects of the comms platform to ensure zero downtime.

  • I am in an industry that places regulatory or compliance restrictions on what I can put in the cloud.

  • My IT budget is largely CAPEX driven. I have in-house IT resources

  • My network is distributed with services at the edge closest to the employees. I need the same from my communications infrastructure.

  • I need to end to end encryption for my data which I want to control.

  • My systems are virtualized for greatest flexibility and efficient use of distributed services.

  • I want an easy to deploy, manage and use telephony and UC solution that requires little training and always works.

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