Cutting Costs

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Cutting Costs

We believe that any time you eliminate complexity in your communications system, you eliminate cost. Highly reliable hardware means fewer repairs and down times, which cut costs. Engineering for better integration cuts costs. Software upgrades cut costs. Single point of systems management cuts costs. Faster deployments cut costs. Longer product life cycles cut costs. More intuitive interfaces mean employees need less training, which cuts costs. And we aren’t the only ones who think so. Industry analysts consistently rate ShoreTel as lowest in Total Cost of Ownership.


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What Describes Your Situation Best?

Choosing a Cloud Solution:

  • I control costs by having others manage my IP telephony in the cloud as a monthly subscription service.

  • I want to add or delete users as needed without the hassle and expense of adding new equipment.

  • The believe "Return on Investment" is a truer measure of the value of technology.

  • I don't want to spend resources on training. I need a collaborative and intuitive solution that simply works.

  • I want to provide UC applications from the cloud as needed rather than committing to long term licenses that I may not need.

  • My other critical business apps are in the cloud.

  • Cloud UC and IP telephony affords me savings from economies of scale, remote access and not having to maintain dedicated IT resources.

Choosing a Premises Solution:

  • We make long term capital investments for our IT systems. This is most effective for us in controlling costs.

  • We look for highly reliable solutions with long lifecyles so we have longer to amortize initial costs and realize depreciation benefits.

  • I look for systems that are rapidly deployable and easy to manage so I have flexibility in where I put my IT resources.

  • I want to prioritize IT resources on other strategic business initiatives, rather than training end users.

  • I look for solutions that are software-upgradeable and backwards-compatible so I get the latest enhancements that work with what I already have.

  • I always look for the lowest TCO.

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