Great Customer Experiences

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Great Customer Experiences

Your customers are your company’s life blood. They expect communications that work reliably and are easy to use. You can build customer loyalty and brand trust by responding quickly to their inquiries and having a record of previous interactions. With ShoreTel's Enterprise Contact Center solution, organizations can easily connect internal and external customers to the right agent at the right time and track all points of customer contact, automatically.

Understanding your call volume and customers contact behaviors can allow you to monitor, improve, and predict the best way to manage your customer facing resources and give your customers the best experience possible. Delight your customers with faster resolution and your executives with greater business insights.


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What Describes Your Situation Best?

Choosing a Cloud Solution:

  • I am high growth company whose primary business may be seasonal and is customer driven. I need flexibility in how I scale my customer facing resources.

  • I want a system that is easy to implement as I have limited IT resources to help me.

  • I'd like a system that integrates with my other business applications that I have in the cloud including CRM, ERP and HR.

  • I do not need my cloud contact center to be bi-directional.

  • I need an enterprise-grade solution for my business, even if I am not that big yet.

Choosing a Premises Solution:

  • I need a sophisticated on-premises solution where sensitive data is kept secure on site and under my control.

  • I need sophisticated reporting tools that allow me to analyze how the system and my customer reps are performing.

  • I need a system that is easy to deploy, manage and scale where scripting is easy and I have advanced monitoring and coaching features as the administrator.

  • I need a system that has open APIs for custom integration with my other business applications such as CRM.

  • I need a solution that integrates with other systems that IT controls.

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