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Integrate Apps

Integrating third-party ERP, CRM, and HR apps with a VoIP phone system, whether in the cloud or on-premises, can greatly empower a company. Your teams and your partners expect a consumer-like experience in which their business applications and processes work the way their personal and social lives do, so they can easily collaborate and be more productive.

And by integrating business communications with key data from, NetSuite, or BullHorn, organizations can transform their business telephone systems into opportunities that leverage their most valuable assets: people and information.


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Choosing a Cloud Solution:

  • I may have premises systems but I want to serve more of my applications in the cloud, the way my employees are used to working and communicating.

  • Remote and mobile workers want reliable, secure access to corporate info and apps without the hassle of a VPN connection.

  • I can scale software services to my employees as needed if I have them on a per-employee, per-month subscription.

  • I can also demand contract SLAs and "five 9s" service reliability.

  • I get the latest upgrades to applications and services in the cloud – all managed by others so I can focus on strategic initiatives that will drive the growth of my business.

Choosing a Premises Solution:

  • My ERP, CRM applications are managed on-premises where I can ensure their reliability, availability and security.

  • I have a strong IT department that partners with LOB managers to ensure they get the latest tools.

  • I would like to integrate my business applications with my communications platform so my teams can access and react to data faster, makingf us agile to the market, responsive to customers, more productive with each other.

  • I need to leverage my existing premises investments.

  • I need custom application development.

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