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    ShoreTel Hybrid

    Combining the best of onsite and hosted cloud business phone solutions

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ShoreTel Hybrid Solutions Provide Ultimate Flexibility

Happy with your ShoreTel Premises system, but curious about the benefits of hosted delivery? Heard about software-as-a-service and ready to give it a try?

With ShoreTel Hybrid, you can maximize your investment in your onsite phone system while beginning a migration path to the cloud. Add productivity-enhancing applications quickly and easily—without adding to IT's workload or making a capital expense.

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Add new features to your ShoreTel Premises system with no capital investment

How It Works

ShoreTel Hybrid delivers applications from the cloud to ShoreTel Premises phone systems. Using ShoreTel Director, administrators create an account to access the ShoreTel Sky Portal to authorize application delivery. For more information, download our ShoreTel Hybrid Feature Overview.

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ShoreTel Sky Scribe

ShoreTel Connect for ShoreTel Sky Scribe is an integrated voicemail transcription service that converts voice messages into text files and emails them automatically. The convenience of being able to check voice messages silently and quickly is indispensable to multi-taskers and those who value efficiency. Not only does it reduce message retrieval time, it creates highly useful caller records as well.

  • Recieve & read voicemail on mobile phones, portable devices, and email
  • Convert voice messages to .wav files
  • Search for voice messages
  • Find important names, numbers, and addresses quickly
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ShoreTel Sky Fax

ShoreTel Sky Fax accommodates and enhances traditional faxing by incorporating the feature into our hosted phone system functionality. Users can send and receive faxes from their desktop or mobile devices, streamlining the process and removing the dependence on standalone fax machines.

  • Empowers employees with flexible communications tools, regardless of location, to get more done, faster
  • Eliminate paper and send/receives faxes anywhere e-mail can be accessed.
  • Faxes can be saved, forwarded and searched like emails.
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