Remote and Mobile Work

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Remote and Mobile Work

If you have employees who work remotely or are often mobile, you need to ensure they have the same secure and reliable access to company information and systems as their office colleagues. ShoreTel Mobility and ShoreTel Sky Mobility enable businesses of all sizes to integrate their employees' favorite smartphones and tablets with the company’s existing phone system, business applications, and processes no matter where they are and with the simple touch of a single Join button.

If your employees expect to communicate in an always-on environment using prosumer devices and services across their personal and work lives, we have both Cloud and Premises solutions to meet your needs.


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Choosing a Cloud Solution:

  • More of my workers are remote or in a branch office than are at HQ and I have a limited IT staff to support them.

  • I have a small number of users who need mobility and I don’t want the expense of adding an appliance.

  • I want the flexibility to add and delete users to a service I pay for monthly.

  • I want someone else to integrate and provide my IP telephony and UC in the cloud.

  • I want to consolidate telephony providers.

  • I want help managing adds, moves, changes that come with fast growth.

Choosing a Premises Solution:

  • I have a company policy about the mobile clients my employees can use. I need to control and protect access to corporate information.

  • I have on-premises mobility equipment that I own and want to leverage for all employees.

  • I have employee IT training programs and support already in place.

  • I want to control uptime.

  • I'm in an industry that requires a high level of security and cannot expose corporate information to a multi-tenanted datacenter.

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