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System Replacement

Communications devices have evolved significantly from the days of TDM supported business landline telephone systems. Smart phones, softphones, tablets, laptops, docks – even wearables are now endpoints of the modern communications system. Virtualization of unified communications onto network storage and servers means infrastructure is now being used more efficiently and updates can be managed at the speed of business through software upgrades.

Hosted cloud environments like ShoreTel Sky deliver state of the art service and responsiveness, transparently.


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What Describes Your Situation Best?

Choosing a Cloud Solution:

  • I don’t have legacy systems to worry about and want to establish my entire comms in the cloud.

  • I don’t have IT staff and want everything managed for me so I can focus on my business.

  • I don’t know how fast I’ll grow and want the peace of mind of scaling a managed service for my business.

  • I have remote workers, branch offices, mobile workers or a contact center I want to place in the cloud, turn off and on as needed, and price as a monthly service.

  • I have my systems on-premises but want some of my communications UC apps delivered from the cloud, the way I have other business apps.

  • I need the latest updates and services that I know can be delivered faster from the cloud.

  • I want service level agreements, guaranteed service, and the transparency of the cloud.

  • I don’t want to have to build in and manage economies of scale I can get from a cloud telecom provider.

Choosing a Premises Solution:

  • My existing TDM hardware and endpoints are fully amortized and and I want to update to the reliability, cost savings, and quality of service of VoIP.

  • I have an IT department.

  • I have a CAPEX model and want to own my phone and UC system.

  • I want to shift investment from deskphones to a mix of softphones and digital devices to better meet the culture and expectations of my employees.

  • I want to add flexibility, use capacity of existing network resources, and realize the cost savings ease of software upgrades by virtualizing my telephony and UC services.

  • I want to make a choice that integrates with what I have and has the greatest flexibility to work with what I may need in the future.

  • I'm likely to move some functionality to the cloud in the future, but will not do that as a flash cut. I need a foundation that will work as part of a hybrid future.

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