System Scalability

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System Scalability

Business needs change. How flexible is your phone system to manage? Our unique distributed architecture, N+1 redundancy, and virtualized services stack is behind ShoreTel’s reputation for providing solutions that are easy to deploy and manage. ShoreTel system installations and upgrades take place in hours, not days. ShoreTel Director helps system administrators perform adds, moves, and changes easily. And our softphones and devices are intuitive for your end-users to customize and use, meaning less time is needed for training.

Whether you decide to manage the system onsite or let us manage it for you in our hosted cloud, you cut out time, complexity, and cost.


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What Describes Your Situation Best?

Choosing a Cloud Solution:

  • I am a start-up or fast growth company unsure of the consumer demand.

  • I do not have an IT department yet or I have a small one that needs to focus on meeting business imperatives first.

  • I am more interested in paying monthly for subscription services so I can scale as business demands.

  • I require a premiere cloud offering that is managed by a team of experts on my behalf.

  • I want to have "one throat to choke" in case there are issues with my telephony and network services.

  • I require a secure, high-quality telephony system and endpoints that are intuitive for my employees to use. I don’t have training resources.

  • I want to limit how many users I can add, and I don’t want the extra cost associated with adding and removing users. I want to pay for what I use as I go along.

Choosing a Premises Solution:

  • My IT budgets & support are predictable. I plan CAPEX IT investments in 3-5 year plans.

  • I've virtualized my premises UC deployment to make it easy to scale, and use my network and storage infrastructure efficiently.

  • I have a strong IT staff who supports all systems, applications, and training.

  • My contract is ending. I need to modernize my communications system & endpoints, but still need to integrate and leverage existing systems.

  • I want a single view and reporting tool across my IP Telephony and UC deployments.

  • I am looking for the most reliable solution that is easiest to deploy, manage and use.

  • I want a safe choice for now and the future.

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