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    What are you trying to do?

    No business is exactly alike. ShoreTel's flexible communications solutions are designed to adapt to your organization.

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What Are You Trying To Do?

ShoreTel recognizes that no two businesses are exactly alike, and each has specific communication needs. That’s why we’ve created highly flexible communication solutions that are designed to fit and adapt to your organization – whether you have a start-up or large enterprise, you want to communicate with solutions you manage on-premises or with services entirely from the cloud – or something in-between.

Below are nine common scenarios you may be facing as you implement or expand your communications systems. For each of them, we’ve provided information that will help guide you in selecting the best approach for your business need.

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For each scenario, we’ve provided information that will help guide you in selecting the best approach for your business need.

Moving And Expanding

For growing organizations who want to add offices, support a remote workforce, or scale for seasonal business, having a reliable phone system that is easy to deploy, manage, and use - whether it is onsite or in the cloud - is a critical factor in differentiating your business and ensuring its success. ShoreTel provides flexible solutions designed to address the specific needs of companies in transition.

Adding Offices

There are multiple ways you can choose to add offices. Depending on the IT resources you have to support new locations, whether you plan to make a capital investment to amortize new equipment over time, or you are looking for a monthly subscription service from the cloud, we have solutions to meet your needs. Learn more about ShoreTel’s award-winning premises-based Unified Communications solution and ShoreTel Sky, the company’s premiere, managed service hosted by our experienced team of cloud experts. Learn More

Remote and Mobile Work

If you have employees who work remotely or are often mobile, you need to ensure they have the same secure and reliable access to company information and systems as their office colleagues. ShoreTel Mobility and ShoreTel Sky Mobility enable businesses of all sizes to integrate their employees' favorite smartphones and tablets with the company’s existing phone system, business applications, and processes, no matter where they are and with the simple touch of a single "Join" button. Learn More

System scalability

Business needs change. How flexible is your phone system to manage? Our unique distributed architecture, N+1 redundancy, and virtualized services stack are behind ShoreTel’s reputation for providing solutions that are easy to deploy and manage. ShoreTel system installations and upgrades take place in hours, not days. ShoreTel Director helps system administrators perform adds, moves, and changes easily. And our softphones and devices are intuitive for your end-users to customize and use, meaning less time is needed for training. Whether you decide to manage the system onsite or let us manage it for you in our hosted cloud, you cut out time, complexity, and cost. Learn More

Update And Modernize

Communications usage is changing rapidly as consumer expectations, devices, and applications enter your workforce in the form of new generations of employees. How do you modernize while leveraging existing investments, integrate new solutions, decide when and how to move to the cloud, and future-proof your infrastructure in the face of flat budgets and IT resources? Let ShoreTel help you customize an approach for updating your communications that makes sense for your business and provides you peace of mind for the future.

System Replacement

Communications devices have evolved significantly from the days of TDM supported business landline telephone systems. Smart phones, softphones, tablets, laptops, docks – even wearables are now endpoints of the modern communications system. Virtualization of unified communications onto network storage and servers means infrastructure is now being used more efficiently and updates can be managed at the speed of business through software upgrades. Hosted cloud environments like ShoreTel Sky deliver state of the art service and responsiveness, transparently. Learn More

Communications Continuity

ShoreTel solutions have a reputation for being highly reliable and secure. They “just work” because they are designed, integrated, and tested for reliability before you get them onsite. Our distributed, virtualized architecture and N+1 redundancy means that if ever a failure were to occur somewhere within your communications or network infrastructure, you would experience no disruption of service, no dropped calls. Our ShoreTel Sky hosted cloud service guarantees Service Level Agreements and 99.999% availability for 100% ease of mind. We are so proud of our Quality of Service and responsiveness that we post performance metrics for everyone to see on our Trust website. Learn More

Cutting Costs

We believe that any time you eliminate complexity in your communications system, you eliminate cost. Highly reliable hardware means fewer repairs and down times, which cuts costs. Engineering for better integration cuts costs. Software upgrades cut costs. Single point of systems management cuts costs. Faster deployments cut costs. Longer product life cycles cut costs. More intuitive interfaces mean employees need less training, which cuts costs. And we aren’t the only ones who think so. Industry analysts consistently rate ShoreTel as lowest in Total Cost of Ownership.Learn More.

Strategic Integration

Your communications platform decision is arguably the single most important decision you can make for your company’s top and bottom lines. That’s because it’s much more than the phone system. How you integrate communications with the other business applications and processes you have in your business – from CRM to ERP to Contact Centers to HR – can mean better collaboration and workflows, as well as faster time to information for your employees. It can deliver greater business insights to the company, helping you to differentiate, expand globally, appear bigger than you are against competitors, and foresee changing market opportunities. Of course, it also has impact beyond your own doors making it easier for your customers and your partners to do business with you.

Great customer experiences

Your customers are your company’s life blood. They expect communications that work reliably and are easy to use. You can build customer loyalty and brand trust by responding quickly to their inquiries and having a record of previous interactions. With ShoreTel's Enterprise Contact Center solution, organizations can easily connect internal and external customers to the right agent at the right time and track all points of customer contact, automatically. This results in faster resolution times as well as improved customer satisfaction and lowered costs. Learn More

Integrate Apps

Integrating third-party ERP, CRM and HR apps with a VoIP phone system, whether in the cloud or on-premises can greatly empower a company. Your teams and your partners expect a consumer-like experience in which their business applications and processes work the way their personal and social lives do, so they can easily collaborate and be more productive. And, by integrating business communications with key data from Salesforce.com, NetSuite, or BullHorn, organizations can transform their business telephone systems into opportunities that leverage their most valuable assets: people and information. Learn More

Custom Solutions

ShoreTel has developed an ecosystem of more than 80 Innovation Partners who leverage and extend our communications platform with applets, add-on features, and functionality that they develop using our library of open APIs and Software Developer Kits. Our Advanced Applications group has developed custom solutions for customers and our Technology Alliance has partnered with companies such as VMWare to enable virtualization of our UC platform and with HP to ensure tight integration with other network components in the infrastructure. Learn More.

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