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Advanced security intelligence throughout the SDLC

Snyk’s security intelligence empowers developers with the latest vulnerability data and actionable fixes in the tools and ecosystems they use.

Security intelligence from code to cloud

Snyk’s security intelligence combines public sources, data from the developer community, proprietary expert research, machine learning, and human-in-the-loop AI.

Industry-leading open source & container security


Our researchers hand-curate Snyk Vulnerability Database with up-to-date security data and enriched metadata so you can accurately identify risk, learn about new open source and container vulnerabilities faster, and then fix them quickly with actionable context.


AI-powered speed and accuracy in code scans


With the help of DeepCode AI, Snyk security experts maintain an extensive knowledge base full of vulnerable code patterns and suggested fixes, so developers can remediate their code in real time with in-line fix advice right from their IDE.

Codified rules and policies across IaC and cloud configs


Snyk researchers convert policies, standards, and leading best practices into policy as code. Then they apply them to a variety of use cases, like AWS, Azure, Terraform, and more, so you can keep your ecosystems and IaC secure from pre-deployment through runtime.


Industry-leading security intelligence

Snyk’s global team of dedicated security researchers monitor threats, analyze malicious packages, and track trending vulnerabilities daily. Their research provides the data that powers Snyk scans and enables users to fix critical vulnerabilities quickly.

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Snyk’s Vulnerability Database covers 3x more vulnerabilities than the next largest public database.

Know sooner

Snyk often discloses vulnerabilities first: 92% of JavaScript vulnerabilities were reported by Snyk before the NVD.

Fix faster

Detect and remediate issues 47 days faster (on average) than with the next largest vulnerability database.

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