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Developer-focused, real-time SAST

Secure your code as it’s written with static application security testing built by, and for, developers.

Code security with a developer-friendly experience

Get the security intelligence and remediation advice you need, without disrupting the development workflow.

Developer friendly

Prevent code delays with fix advice backed by industry-leading security intelligence.

Fast and accurate

Get results in real time with automatic scanning from your IDE in-line with your code.

Actionable results

Find vulnerabilities and quickly fix them with dev-friendly remediation advice.

Real-time scanning and fixing

No more waiting for SAST reports. Scan source code in minutes — no build needed — and fix issues immediately.

Language & tool coverage

Snyk is compatible with most popular languages, IDEs, and CI/CD tools — and our coverage is constantly expanding.

Revolutionary knowledge base

A powerful machine learning engine combs millions of open source libraries, helping human-in-the-loop AI build our robust knowledge base — ensuring cutting edge security tooling.

Prioritize top code risks

Leverage broad application context to prioritize deployed or publicly exposed code issues posing a greater level of risk to your organization.

Self service security in your daily workflow

Empower developers to become quasi-security professionals with Snyk Code’s comprehensive security tooling.

Integrated IDE

Find issues during development, before they enter the project, saving you time and money.

In-workflow testing

Automatically scan every PR and repo for a status report to assess, prioritize, and fix existing issues.

CI/CD security gate

Secure your application by integrating vulnerability scans into the build process.

Integrations for your entire SDLC

Snyk seamlessly integrates with the most popular languages, platforms, and systems — so you can secure your code without disrupting the existing workflow.

AI that augments the developer experience

Snyk Code’s unrivaled speed and accuracy increase code security, while our intuitive platform empowers and motivates developers. Leading to efficient teams and secure products.

Cutting edge AI-based engine
Our logic solver supplies modern constraint-based data analysis faster than any comparable engine.
Continuous machine learning
A knowledge base that continually learns from the global OS community.

Built in security expertise
Snyk’s security experts add the curated content and knowledge you need to fix security issues fast.

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“Snyk Code gave us a net new capability to add to our arsenal. It analyzes code we write, quickly, and provides legitimate, actionable information that engineers can use during development and within build workflows. The Snyk view lets engineers quickly see any code issues, other sources for that issue, as well as how other engineers in the industry have fixed the issue. It gives us meaningful static analysis results that we can take action on immediately.”

Joren McReynolds

Director of Engineering

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