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Application security that speeds up development

Snyk enables developers to build securely from the start, while giving security teams complete visibility and comprehensive controls.

Empower developers to build securely

Snyk’s application security solution accounts for the technology, processes, and people involved, giving teams the security expertise they need within the tools and workflows they use.

Vulnerability-free code

Snyk’s fast, accurate scanning and automatic fix PRs help devs find and fix vulnerabilities as they code.

Enablement & education

Turn developers into security experts with fix prioritization and actionable remediation advice from the tools they use.

Visibility & intelligence

Customizable policies let security teams create guardrails while maintaining visibility and security.

See Snyk in action

Not a security expert? No problem, our intuitive developer security platform makes application security second nature.

Make application security dreams a reality

Traditional security tools may cover the basics, but with Snyk, Application security can be so much more.

Advanced reporting

Snyk helps satisfy regulations, while providing a framework and evidence for your growth and improvements over time by visualizing and quantifying your security posture.

Unlimited scanning

Our unlimited scanning (with no line of code restrictions) lets development and security teams scan early and often, proactively tackle vulnerabilities, and work independently from the hassles of scheduling and compilers.

Snyk goes where you go

Snyk integrates seamlessly with the development tools your teams rely on at every stage of the development lifecycle, making it fast to roll out and easy to use.

Context-driven prioritization

End-to-end application context enables security to better assess risk and prioritize issues posing greater risk while providing developers with a a better understanding of potential impacy and path to resolution.

A revolutionary approach to traditional security

Our well-tested application security methods make security actionable for developers, governable for security, and keeps TCO low for the business — which is why hundreds of organizations trust their application security to Snyk.


“Snyk is one of the most important security tools we use at Skyscanner. We liked the fact that there is a multiple, layered approach. Instead of the security team being the gatekeepers and reviewing every line of code and signing off everything, we can empower our developers.”

Alex Harriss

Senior Security Engineer

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