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Strengthen your software supply chain security

Snyk helps you secure critical components of your software supply chain, including first-party code, open source libraries, container images, and cloud infrastructure, right in the tools your developers use every day.

Mitigate risk across your software supply chain

Snyk can help you understand and manage supply chain security, from enabling secure design to tracking dependencies to fixing vulnerabilities.

Design applications securely at the start

Track the security, maintenance, and popularity of over 1M open source packages across ecosystems.

Build an SBOM in seconds

Scan your apps to create a software bill of materials, identifying all your components and how they interact.

Fix more security issues faster

Get remediation advice and automatically generate fix PRs right from the tools teams use.

Apply security best practices across the supply chain

Snyk gives you visibility into supply chain security issues and provides fix advice for fast resolutions.

Know the security posture of open source packages

Snyk Advisor and the Snyk Vulnerability Database provide up-to-date insights into critical risks and how to mitigate them, so you can manage security threats before your projects even start.

Guided security for the code you write

Snyk Code’s AI-driven, real-time SAST protection helps developers secure code as it’s being written. Snyk AI provides vetted, safe fixes for complex code security issues in the IDE and throughout the SDLC

Identify dependencies, find, and fix vulnerabilities

Use Snyk Open Source and Snyk Container to analyze your projects and get recommendations for more secure open source libraries, components, and container images.

Apply fix advice quickly

Fix PRs enable your developers to fix vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently so they can get back to building applications.

SBOMs with Snyk

In addition to actionable remediation advice for your code, open source, and containers, Snyk enables software transparency, providing both export and evaluation of software bills of materials (SBOMs).

Containers or open source dependencies
Generate SBOMs for your applications to share with external entities or within your organization, and test SBOMs that you receive for known vulnerabilities.
Transitive dependency coverage
Snyk goes beyond direct dependencies, with support for deeply-nested transitive dependencies as well, so you know exactly what’s in your applications.
Generate SBOMs via API or CLI
Snyk allows you to export SBOMs directly from the CLI or API, so you can integrate SBOM generation into your existing workflows.

Built in security expertise
Snyk supports both SPDX and CycloneDX SBOM formats, giving you the flexibility to meet your (and your customers’) requirements.

Supply chains are built on transitive dependencies

Log4Shell gave the world an idea how much trouble a supply chain vulnerability can cause. But Snyk made it easy to find and fix this vulnerability in both direct and transitive dependencies.


Percent of Snyk customers affected by Log4Shell.


Percent of Log4Shell instances were found in transitive dependencies.

280 hrs

Average developer hours saved by resolving Log4Shell with Snyk.


Average ROI per customer from remediating Log4Shell with Snyk.

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