• Enterprise Applications

To stay competitive, organizations must embrace the evolutionary shift in the way that computing has become embedded in our lives. Mobile is a unique opportunity to re-think the way businesses interact with customers, employees and partners. It offers a different value - as an always-connected communications tool, it is a unique platform to build intimacy with your desired audience. Visionary organizations are embracing the confluence of mobile, social, and analytics technologies to proactively engage with their audience. Mobile gives you the opportunity to anticipate user needs by being aware of the user’s immediate context including location, social situation and current activity, and then offering the immediate value of context sensitive follow-up actions. There are four practices that put you on the road to becoming a mobile enterprise. 

1. Build and deploy mobile applications efficiently

Efficiently build and deploy mobile apps that run smoothly on a wide variety of devices. Upgrade quickly and often. Unlock back-office capabilities to create a better front-office engagement.

  • Build and deploy multi-platform mobile applications: Mobile apps are where you greet and serve your customers. Building powerful and scalable apps that run on a wide variety of devices is a crucial first step.
  • Integrate data, services, and applications: The very point of IT is to harness the power of computing. Why would you want multiple systems that can't communicate in real time? “Mobilize” your back-end data and apps to get the best possible business outcome from every transaction.

2. Protect and manage the mobile infrastructure to optimize performance

Integrate mobile into the fabric of your organization. Enable your employees to work anytime and anywhere. Provide trusted mobile interactions as you manage and add greater security to your infrastructure, and optimize performance.

  • Manage and optimize devices, data and expenses: Remember the good-old-days, when IT owned all of the equipment and software? That's all changed. Now, employees bring their own mobile devices to work and use them both for personal and business activities. How do you safely provide access?
  • Support BYOD and a smarter workforce: To build a smarter workforce and increase productivity, we can help you control the devices connected to your networks, apps, and data – and help to secure transactions from an array of devices around the world. Bring your own device and choose your own device (CYOD) are here to stay.
  • Oversee security, risk, and compliance: To gain a competitive advantage, you can look to the opportunities offered by mobile and cloud technology. But then greater access means increased security concerns. Business leaders find effective mobile security strategies to quickly and affordably reap the benefits of a mobile business.

3. Engage customers in context by leveraging mobile insights

Connect with customers in context to create deeper engagement. Discover new opportunities and deliver contextually relevant experiences based on new insights from analytics.

  • Optimize the mobile experience to build loyalty: A thriving business wants to attract new customers and increase demand from regular customers. You can build brand loyalty and maximize brand value by connecting with your customers through contextual, value-added, mobile experiences. Personalized mobile touchpoints help build personal loyalty.
  • Leverage analytics to turn information into insights: Analytics can help explain how mobile customers are interacting with your enterprise. Track your current mobile engagement efforts, crunch the numbers, and then send contextually relevant messages, alerts and offers to your customers in realtime.

4. Transform the value chain to drive growth and ROI

Create new value for the customer and your organization at the moment of awareness. Transform the value chain as you drive growth and find new revenue. Increase productivity to boost ROI.

  • Transform strategy and operations: Back in the early days of e-commerce on the Web, many organizations started multiple, uncoordinated efforts – resulting in confusion and wasted resources. Now it's time to do mobile right – with an efficient, strategic plan.