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Increase Your Network Visibility for Detection and Response

Network-borne threats are difficult to detect, and legacy network protection tools and firewalls don’t always give you the full picture. Securonix NDR solves this by correlating security incidents across your entire IT environment with network activity and alerting your team to anomalies.

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Network Detection and Response

Customers today struggle to detect the sophisticated slow and low attacks which require monitoring a blend of network traffic activity, user actions, and system behavior patterns. Stand-alone network traffic analysis tools can monitor traffic and detect network traffic anomalies, however, such anomalies without user and system context are less actionable and just add to the noise.
Securonix provides you with a single platform that monitors and correlates network traffic events, security events, and user activities to detect the most advanced threats.
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Why Securonix for Network and Response?

Enriched Network Alerts
Gain access to deep forensic data that, when paired with the Securonix Next-Gen SIEM, provides additional context for detection and response. Security analysts have one solution to investigate security events down to Layer 7.

Advanced Analytics
Securonix NDR uses machine learning to analyze network events and alert analysts to anomalies. Threat chain modeling maps to standard threat models, including MITRE ATT&CK and US-CERT, to monitor and detect IOCs across the kill chain.
Integrated Incident Response
Integrated SOAR capabilities allow you to improve your incident response times. Our solution provides your team with smart automation and suggests playbook actions to guide analysts to remediation.


Cover Your Blind Spots

Endpoint and log data alone doesn’t give you the full picture of risk in your organization. NDR covers these blind spots by collecting and aggregating network activities with the rest of your IT environment.

Network Sensors: Combine data from third-party network sensors (including Corelight, Verizon, and Gigamon) with other security data to enrich your SIEM with an extra layer of insight.
Threat Hunting: Empower threat hunters to connect the dots faster with 360-degree visibility of log, endpoint, and network data.


Detect Sophisticated Threats

Securonix helps you weave disparate IOCs into a complete story. Our solution simplifies complex threats spanning multiple alerts into actionable insights while reducing noise for your SOC.
Threat Chains: Leverage identity context to help you trace low and slow threats that span across your network and security events.
Advanced Analytics: Understand when network behaviors are deviating from established baselines with minimal noise.


Gain Complete Visibility Into Your Network Data

Securonix extends security visibility across your entire IT environment by combining network activity with other data sources, such as application logs and cloud events, into a single console.
Single Platform: Reduce operational complexity with a single, fully integrated backend architecture and zero infrastructure to manage. Robust Reporting: Leverage reports on network traffic and built-in, shareable dashboards to make data-informed decisions.

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NDR Belongs in Your Security Operations Center

NDR solutions reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) by providing network and contextual data to aid in investigations.

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