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Improved Detection and Accelerated Response

Security teams are spread thin by the growing volume and complexity of threats that span across cloud and hybrid environments. Securonix Open EDR’s seamlessly integrated automated response helps you mitigate these threats quickly with threat detection content aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

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Extended Detection and Response

Securonix Open Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a comprehensive security fabric that combines the core components required for fast and effective threat detection and response. Connecting multiple sources of telemetry with advanced behavior analytics, powered by an industry pioneering UEBA, Securonix XDR continuously delivers threat detection content aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Automated response capabilities, powered by pre-built connectors and playbooks, mitigate threats quickly and efficiently.

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Why the Securonix Platform?

Cloud-Native Platform
Our cloud-native platform lets you benefit from all the data in your IT environment with zero infrastructure to manage.

Data Collection at Scale
Meet your growing data needs with an XDR solution that was born in the cloud and leverages built-in connectors for real-time enrichment.
Threat Content-As-A-Service
Get up-to-date, out-of-the-box threat content from our world-class Threat Labs team delivered directly on the platform.

Automated Response
Integrated SOAR capabilities with automated playbooks streamline workflows to resolve incidents faster than ever before.


Native Integrations

With Securonix Open XDR, threat detection is natively integrated with orchestration and response capabilities that can be used alongside detection policies and threat models.
Fewer Blind Spots: Automatically collect and correlate data from endpoint, network, cloud, application, and identity solutions. Extended Connector Library: Simplify the integration of XDR with over 650 out-of-the-box integrations and connectors.


Advanced Detection of Insider Threats

Securonix Open XDR leverages UEBA and patented machine learning (ML) to connect together anomalies and other suspicious activities based on identities and other entities.
Built-In UEBA: Prioritize high-risk threats with identity-centric behavior analytics that maps to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.
Pre-Built Applications: Threat models and built-in connectors enable rapid deployment and fast time-to-value.
Up-to-Date Threat Content: Use case content in the Threat Library is continuously refreshed independent of product version updates.


Speed up Investigations

Securonix Open XDR makes hunting for threats easier by gathering, enriching, and correlating data from appliances, cloud infrastructure, application delivery controllers, firewalls, and application servers. Real-Time Search: Live Channel allows security teams to search for active threats on live data before it’s parsed or indexed.
Spotter Search: Enable blazing-fast threat hunting using natural language queries to search across recent and historical data.
Autonomous Threat Sweeper: Automatically and retroactively hunt for emerging threats based on the latest Threat Labs research.


Intelligent, Automated Incident Response

Eliminate time-consuming, manual investigations with automated response that increases the productivity and efficiency of your SOC.
Built-In Playbook Actions: Remove complexity for analysts with out-of-the-box and fully customizable playbook actions.
OOTB Incident Management: Track and report on threats efficiently with automated workflows and simplified incident management.


No need to choose one or the other. Open XDR provides an entry path for those looking to quickly ramp up threat detection and response capabilities, with the option to expand to include full SIEM capabilities with a simple license upgrade.

Solution Briefs

Threat Hunting with Securonix

Attackers are constantly trying to bypass an organization’s existing security controls. Any delays in detection can cause significant damage as attackers quietly remain in the network for months, collecting data, confidential material, or even login credentials that allow them to move laterally into connected systems.
Securonix Next-Gen SIEM allows you to more quickly detect advanced and sophisticated threats that would otherwise remain in your network, undetected.
Download this solution brief to find out more.

Securonix & Crowdstrike Integration

When integrated, Securonix and CrowdStrike provides continuous breach prevention in a single agent and proactively detects viruses, malware, ransomware, and other known and unknown threats.
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Securonix Identity and Access Analytics

Securonix integrates with every major IAM and IGA solution to deliver a continuous stream of identity analytics and intelligence allowing for:
– Improved access management compliance through user and resource-centric views of access risk.
– Automated access cleanup and risk-based certification.
– Streamlined, risk-based access request processes
Download this solution brief to find out more.

Security Monitoring for Google Cloud Platform

While your organization is embracing the Google Cloud Platform, it is also inheriting some unique cloud security risks. Securing your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure from cyberattack is a key component to strengthen your overall security posture. The Securonix platform integrates with multiple GCP services and products, correlating data and adding the context needed for you to view the security status of your environment at a single glance.
Download this solution brief to find out more.

Securonix Security Monitoring for Microsoft Azure

With a strong service set, backed by Microsoft’s own technology and products, Microsoft Azure is a top choice for enterprises to deploy on – as well as for attackers to exploit. As with any major public cloud, the number of touchpoints you need to monitor is massive. Prioritizing and identifying the right touchpoints is critical to secure your Azure deployment.
Download this solution brief to find out more.

Securonix Integration for Service Now

Integrating Securonix with your ServiceNow solution provides you with actionable intelligence on your highest risk threats in real time, so you have the contextual information you need to take action. Securonix consolidates all events associated with a threat into a single collaborative view. This reduces noise so you can focus on what’s important.
Download this solution brief to learn more about how Securonix seamlessly integrates with your ServiceNow Service Management solution, helping you smoothly track and manage your incidents, problems, changes, and service requests.

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