About NDM

Network Design and Management, LLC. (NDM) is a technology solution provider that helps companies maximize their technology investment to support sustainable growth in a secured, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Founded in 1994, NDM has become widely known for delivering transformational, ROI-based services that power customers’ business success through IT innovation, management, and performance.

Since 1994, NDM has been driven to find technological solutions that fit the needs of our customers. NDM has worked with corporations, governments, schools, and organizations of all sizes, from SMBs to the Fortune 500. We have encountered ever-changing hardware, software, service, and support challenges, and consistently manage to find the best fit solutions for our clients. NDM has many established partnerships with world-class technology companies spanning security, hyperconverged infrastructure, cloud providers, and of course all the traditional vendors you’d expect to find. NDM offers solutions with our guidance, support, maintenance, and/or management, whichever our clients need to ensure success. Through all this time and experience, we have acquired the expertise that has made some of the industry’s most exceptional technology advisors, engineers, analysts, and architects. We understand the importance of finding a technological solution that fits your organizational needs and will always strive to deliver the most value possible, given your goals and guidelines. Our consultative process considers your size, budget, wants, and needs. Instead of only selling you a product or service, we plan on being your go-to solution finder for the long-term, tying your success with our own.

Only NDM

Offers an agile, solution-based approach that puts you first to address your critical IT infrastructure needs, overcome staffing constraints, enhance your security posture, meet compliance audit requirements, control rising IT costs, and more.

Leads the way in hard-to-find security talent with our 24x7x365 MSSP offering, enabling you to get the most out of your security investments, provide around-the-clock coverage with in-house expertise, and constantly pushing the envelope with toolset integration for efficiencies and automation to further eliminate the mundane actions, sucking away at your workday.

Serves as an extension of your team and a single, comprehensive source to quickly mobilize and resolve complex IT issues, take away the time-consuming noise of managing and monitoring the mundane, and free your team to focus on higher value initiatives that matter.

Is a recognized leader in IBM Power Systems, IBM i (AS/400), and IBM AIX technology to help you extend your IBM investment runway and provide a safety net to a shrinking talent pool of support.

Combines process-driven solutions with proprietary, patented technology to support stability, performance, agility, and speed of turnaround in your IT environment.