Business networks are complex by nature. Add in the various nuances associated with multiple business locations, different ways of working, and evolving technology and you’ve got a network environment that can easily become unmanageable.

When that happens, you face frequent outages, load balancing and network optimization issues, compliance challenges, and rising costs. Your business is only as strong as the IT infrastructure that supports it. Ensuring an available, reliable, expandable, and secure network is a mission-critical element of your operation and essential for business success.
At NDM, we offer 24/7 support to help you navigate the increasingly complex advancements in networking and communication technology, such as SD-WAN, with high-performance IT that fosters collaboration. Our team combines process-driven solutions with proprietary, patented technology that supports stability, performance, agility, and speed for improved network and telecommunications performance.
We’ll act as an extension of your team to close the skills gap in your IT department with strategic guidance, network upgrade and transformation support, remediation services, cloud integrations, and more to support high-availability IT with strong ROI.

Our elite team of network and telecommunications experts offer proactive monitoring services that include alerts, notifications, and escalations, as needed, with automation and support across physical locations. We also make it easy for you to get real-time visibility into network performance with our web-accessible portal.


Featuring ITIL processes and procedures, we’ll help you manage your network transport cloud integration, maintain hardware and operating system configurations, oversee moves or changes to physical assets, and coordinate vendor relationships.

Security and Compliance

We’ll help you ensure your network is secure with internal and external vulnerability scanning, intrusion prevention and detection support, and more. We also offer ongoing audit and compliance assistance to ensure your systems meet applicable regulations.

For more information about how NDM can help you meet your unique network and telecommunications requirements, contact us today!