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Customer First Design By NDM

Experience comprehensive cybersecurity full of features and capabilities with our industry-leading Managed LogRhythm solution, designed to provide real-time monitoring, advanced threat detection, and swift incident response for your digital ecosystem around the clock.

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Co-Managed LogRhythm
by NDM

Logrhythm North American Partner of the Year

Logrhythm North American Partner of the Year!

NDM Technologies is honored to be recognized as LogRhythm’s North American Partner of the Year. This would not be possible without the efforts of our outstanding team of talented specialists running our  MSSP  services and the tireless efforts of our exceptional technology advisors and architects. Our team ensures the demands and needs of our customers are met, and LogRhythm’s fantastic platform is properly implemented and utilized to meet customers’ specific situations. All of NDM couldn’t be prouder of this accomplishment.

Maximize Your LogRhythm Investment With NDM

Gain around the clock coverage and delierables to meet your needs
Realize the value expected pre-sale, with measurable ROI.
Meet and report on compliance mandates with ease.

Partner with NDM today to meet and exceed the objectives listed above, at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. We are a tried, trusted, and awarded service provider for LogRhythm. We can take the heavy lifting of running your SIEM off your plate, and enable you to only focus on what matters, instead of daily care and feeding. In addition, we can achieve the value that LogRhythm is capable of delivering, no matter the time or day.

Don’t be fooled by another SIEM vendor promising plug and play success or MDR services based on SIEM-like rulesets. Realize the actual solution you’re looking for from providers that have been doing it for decades!



Have you ever tried to staff a 24x7x365 operation? It is very hard and very expensive, even more so with security professionals. NDM can give you around-the-clock coverage for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.


These are only a few of the deliverables you can expect with our service. In short, we take all the heavy lifting of hosting and running a SIEM at its potential off your plate, from admin, to engineering, and false positive removal.


No more MSSPs hiding behind certifications and saying “just trust us”, verify! Our managed approach gives you, the customer, full visibility into what we do, how well and quickly we do it, and unfettered access into the system at all times.


NDM understands that a SIEM is never fully deployed, too many things change, plus they’re capable of so much. We strive to constantly mature LogRhythm, we even include out-of-scope engineering hours at no extra cost for all our clients.

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Are you uncertain whether LogRhythm, managed by NDM, suits your needs? Take a look at our informative white paper to learn about the advantages of using our team. See our pricing structure to assess if managed security is the right fit for your company.

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