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Empower your SOC with LogRhythm

Security leaders understand that accelerating threat detection and response requires a SOC. But building a SOC that works well for your organization requires a foundation of people, processes and technology that you may not have in place yet.

Whether you’re just starting to build a SOC or you are looking to mature an existing one, LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform can help you build an intelligence-driven SOC to efficiently respond to threats, align your SOC platform with your organization, and see a greater ROI on your investment.

Build an Intelligence-Driven SOC

Your SOC should be built on an integrated, efficient platform to maximize visibility into threats. It must meet your immediate needs and scale as your organization grows. LogRhythm’s flexible foundation supports what Gartner calls “the five characteristics of an intelligence-driven SOC.”

Build an Adaptive Architecture

Detect, respond to and neutralize threats with Threat Lifecycle Management. Continuously evolve your environment and threatscape with LogRhythm’s extensible platform and solutions.

Leverage Advanced Analytics

Unlike traditional SIEM solutions, LogRhythm’s Security Analytics solutions analyze all data—not just a pre-filtered subset of security events. Use real-time user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to detect threats across the holistic attack surface, including users, networks, and endpoints. Protect from the unexpected using machine learning

Automate Your Responses

Formalize efficient, repeatable processes using LogRhythm’s incident response orchestration capabilities. Accelerate investigation and response activities using security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) automation.

Integrated Threat Intelligence

LogRhythm’s platform allows you to easily take advantage of a wide variety of threat intelligence sources, whether internal, commercial or open source. Our threat intelligence ecosystem ensures tight integration with leading commercial sources.

Hunt and Investigate

Visualize threats using interactive dashboards. Surface the most concerning attacks using risk-based prioritization. Find data quickly using precision search. Coordinate your team’s response with the industry’s leading case management function.

Score the Security Maturity of Your SOC

Learn how to assess and improve the capabilities of your SOC with the LogRhythm Security Operations Maturity Model.

The SOC Hiring Handbook

Your Guide to Building and Retaining a Strong Security Team

How to Build an Effective SOC with Limited Resources

How to Build an Effective SOC with Limited Resources

Co-Managed LogRhythm by NDM

Learn what managed LogRhythm by NDM can do for you; 24x7x365 coverage, alarm triage, investigations, tuning, and more!

Services to Align People, Process, and Technology

Picking the right platform is not enough—it’s only one part of an effective SOC. NDM’s Professional Services team can help you build out an efficient and effective security program. We work with you to develop the three inputs most vital to the success of your SOC.

People Maximize the value of your security team in order to build an effective and efficient monitoring and response program.

Processes Build repeatable, enabled, and automated workflows that align your NextGen SIEM Platform with your organization’s functions and responsibilities.

Technology Optimally leverage environmental data and threat intelligence, detect advanced attacks with real-time machine analytics. Rapidly neutralize threats with the industry’s leading detection and response platform.


Advance Your Threat Management
LogRhythm’s centralized platform consolidates, normalizes, monitors, and prioritizes your security technologies and data to help you continually improve your mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR).
Rapidly Realize Value
LogRhythm’s unified architecture streamlines deployment and ongoing management, while out-of-the-box content helps you rapidly reach your threat management and compliance objectives.

Meet Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
LogRhythm helps you meet stringent regulatory requirements. Streamline compliance with the purpose-built reports in our compliance automation modules. Enforce compliance in real-time with analytics rules and dashboards.
Scale Over Time
Regardless of performance, storage or device support requirements, LogRhythm’s modular architecture gives you the flexibility and functionality you need now and as you grow.

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