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Do you need a cloud-native platform to manage and maintain your infrastructure?

 Is your team strapped with limited resources and struggling to collect and manage overwhelming amounts of logs in your environment? A cloud-native log management capability can help you easily ingest and enrich multiple log sources, enabling you to search, analyze, and report on potential threats.

Make your life easier by dramatically reducing the amount of time spent collecting and analyzing log data through our ground-breaking cloud-native SaaS solution. Schedule one-on-one time to learn if our new LogRhythm Axon platform is right for you! If you want to get started immediately, use the “Schedule a Custom Demo” button above. Otherwise, feel free to continue exploring the page and reach out to us when you want to get serious about improving your SIEM solution.

What is LogRhythm Axon? 

Read the Data Sheet

This data sheet gives you an overview of LogRhythm’s groundbreaking cloud-native SaaS platform, Axon! Built with 18 years of real-world security experience, there are plenty of benefits and key features you should read about.

How LogRhythm SIEM Can Help Your Security Operations
 LogRhythm SIEM creates an easy-to-follow security narrative that consolidates user or host data and activity into one view, helping analysts quickly understand and remediate security incidents. LogRhythm SIEM streamlines incident investigation and response with a visual analyst experience that tells a security story about a user or host using all available data within the SIEM, helping security teams prioritize and focus on things that matter most.
Save time

A 100% cloud-native security operations platform that alleviates time spent managing and maintaining infrastructure.

Find threats faster

Search driven widgets and an intuitive dashboard makes it easier to find information and respond to threats.

See clearly

Automatically collect data from cloud or on-prem sources from our hosted collectors and on-prem agents. Metadata extraction combined with easy-to-use tools to build custom parsers ensures visibility across the environment.

Execute seamlessly

Surface threats and secure your environment with powerful security analytics. Leverage out-of-the-box content or author your own custom content.

Is LogRhythm Axon right for you? 

Make your life easier with LogRhythm Axon

 Speak with a product expert about how LogRhythm Axon enables you to easily collect and analyze log data so you can focus on the work that matters.