Network detection and response (NDR) products detect abnormal system behaviors by applying behavioral analytics to network traffic data. They continuously analyze raw network packets or traffic metadata between internal networks (east-west) and public networks (north-south). NDR can be delivered as a combination of hardware and software appliances for sensors, and a management and orchestration console in the form of an on-premises software or SaaS.

NDR solutions offer significant value to organizations by enhancing their overall cybersecurity posture and enabling more efficient and effective network security management. While NDM offers solutions from a few different vendors in this area, here are some key benefits of NDR solutions to look for:

Improved threat detection:
Faster response to incidents:
Comprehensive network visibility:
Reduced dwell time:
Streamlined investigation and forensics:
Enhanced threat-hunting capabilities:
Integration with other security tools: 

In summary, NDR solutions provide significant value to organizations by improving threat detection, reducing dwell time, enhancing network visibility, and streamlining incident response and investigation processes. By implementing NDR solutions with NDM, organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity posture and better protect their digital assets from potential threats. In addition, you’re able to work with our team to uncover the best fit solution for your organization. Below is more information about a few featured vendors.

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