A Firewall Assessment is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity that involves evaluating an organization’s firewall infrastructure to ensure that it is adequately protecting against unauthorized access and cyber threats. Our Firewall Assessments can include a comprehensive evaluation of the firewall configuration, rules, and policies, as well as vulnerability testing to identify potential weaknesses in the firewall defenses. By engaging NDM’s Firewall Assessment service, organizations can improve the effectiveness of their firewall infrastructure, identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards. This can help minimize the risk of a data breach or cyber-attack and prevent financial and reputational damage to the organization.

Download Firewall Assessment
  • Review an organization’s current deployment of a single or HA pair of firewalls
  • Perform discovery of existing network topology
  • NDM network engineer to conduct interviews with all staff who currently manage or have access to the firewall
  • NDM to provide a Summary and recommendations report after reviewing all necessary information.
  • Review to include information on health statistics and software/firmware observations, recommendations to leverage existing features and recommendations for covering best practices for change management.
  • Fine tune an organization’s existing firewall and get the most out of your company’s investment
  • Document of your current firewall management practices
  • Document of strategies to improve your existing features
  • Develop best practices for ongoing firewall protection

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