Robert Blomgren

Chief Solutions Officer


  • Robert Blomgren, is the Chief Solutions Officer for NDM Technologies, LLC and has been a dedicated member of the team since 2011. He is responsible for the identification and design of new products, services and technologies, the development of go-to-market strategies, deliverables, and the inception of programs to pursue those opportunities. This is realized through strong leadership skills to effectively communicate the vision, collaborate with the rest of the organization, and inspire growth companywide by creating value for all our stakeholders, especially our customers!
  • Robert has a strong understanding of NDM’s industry, as well as a deep, technical knowledge of the products, services, and capabilities we have as a team. Thanks to more than a decade of wearing many hats such as sales, advertising, market research, pre-sales engineering, technology architect, and more, he excels at identifying and analyzing complex, technological based business problems, as well as developing and implementing effective solutions. He is passionate about delivering solutions to where both parties feel that they have received something of comparable value, in hopes of establishing trust, and build a lasting business relationship.
  • Robert earned his BBA in Management Information Systems, Marketing, and a minor in Computer Science, as well as an MBA, with a concentration in Finance and Financial Management Services from Gonzaga University.



  • Jason Rinker is the President of NDM Technologies, LLC and has been a dedicated member of the team for over a decade. He has led NDM’s business operations since 2015. He is also responsible for customer success, customer service, and the delivery of our security products and integrated service options.
  • Jason brings expertise in leadership, developing teams, creating and implementing processes, deploying new strategies, and improving efficiencies. He works with all departments to solve problems, refine approaches, and recruit talent. He is passionate about building a distinctive culture at NDM that endorses sustainable growth for both its employees and its clients.
  • Jason earned his Bachelor of Arts from Eastern Washington University as well as certifications in Performance and Executive Leadership programs through Cornell University. In his free time, he enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife and three children.



  • Dallas Hammer is the Chief Information Security Officer at NDM Technologies, LLC. He has led the security operations team for over five years. He is responsible for the execution and success of the managed security services offered by NDM.
  • Dallas started his career at NDM Technologies as a graveyard shift security analyst. His hands-on experience at all levels of NDM is invaluable in finding, supporting, and partnering with new products and vendors. He spends most of his days developing new offerings, guiding and growing the security operations team, and streamlining processes.
  • Dallas earned an Associate’s degree in Information Technology from Spokane Falls Community College, and a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Digital Media from the University of Idaho. He was an Emmy-winning journalist before his time at NDM Technologies, and if he’s not spending his free time with his wife, you can find him scratching the content creator itch on his podcast covering Idaho Vandals