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Drive Value From Your Logs

Effective log collection is paramount for SIEM. Now, with Secureonix and NXLog, you gain a flexible log management solution that can ingest all your data from multiple devices and makes it easier tp filter, classify, convert, and digest it, all in one place.

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NXLog Management

Securonix with NXLog provides a highly flexible and reliable log collecting and distribution solution. NXLog is a scalable logging system that makes sure logs are collected in an efficient, secure, and reliable way. NXLog structures, formats, and filters the data. The solution supports most operating systems and can handle data sources that other tools can’t handle, giving you additional visibility into your entire organization’s systems.
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Why the Securonix Platform?

Simplify Log Aggregation
Dynamically gather logs in real time from all disparate log sources – including operating systems, network devices, and IT/IOT sources like ICS/SCADA. Filter, classify, and store all the information in a central location.
Reduce the Risk for Logs in Transit
Secures logs from multiple devices by allowing log transfer with data integrity and encryption. It guarantees log transfer integrity and reduces cyber risks before they impact any business operations.

Maintain Data Compliance
Helps meet compliance standards with functionality like file integrity monitoring which monitors file changes to help detect potential security events.

Flexible Log Collection

Simplify IT Security Operations With Centralized Log Management

Centrally collect logs, no matter the format, from disparate sources. Flexible log collection lets you preserve structured logs. Securonix can collect data from IT/OT sources such as major ICS/SCADA systems using NXLog. Agent–Based Log Collection: NXLog collects log data as an agent on the system and supports logs from platform-specific sources such as Windows, Linux, Android, and more.
Agentless Log Collection: NXLog collects and processes information from embedded or legacy systems, such as routers and switches, that do not support agent installation.

Data Security

Reduce the Risk to Logs in Transit

NXLog provides encryption to ensure that log data in transit is not altered or seen by an attacker.
Data Security: Know your data is secure with TLS/SSL encrypted data transfers and file integrity monitoring.

Data Compliance

Meeting Compliance Mandates

Gain continuous assurance of meeting compliance and standard requirements by submitting the appropriate log messages into Securonix Next-Gen SIEM.
File Integrity Monitoring: NXLog’s file integrity monitoring provides data for alerts on asset activities that are being monitored, such as potential unauthorized changes.
Compliance: Gain access to an integrated collection of audit logs to monitor changes to files and directories on all supported platforms, including Windows registry.

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Industry Leader for Cloud SIEM

Don’t just take our word for it. Securonix has been named a Leader for the 3rd consecutive year in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management report.

Leader in SIEM Critical Capabilities

See why Securonix received the highest score in all SIEM use cases in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities report.

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