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Organizations struggle with how to integrate security into software development and procurement processes. Coordinating efforts among security teams, developers, auditors, management, and vendors can be daunting.

An essential first step is to implement a security development life cycle (SDLC). But unless you can automate key aspects, it can be a time-consuming undertaking.
Fortify Governance can help automate and manage your entire Software Security Assurance (SSA) effort. Its multiple templates and step-by-step automation speed and simplify software security processes across your organization. The web-based platform provides an audit-quality system for managing your SSA programs. You can implement it out of the box, eliminating the effort involved in creating an SDLC from scratch
With Fortify Governance you can automatically prioritize risks across all applications, coordinate security tasks accordingly and apply structured, systematic, repeatable security processes across projects. As a result, you reduce the cost of secure software development, affordably implement SSA and SDLC programs, help project teams work together more efficiently and jumpstart your software security efforts.


Simplify application security management with a dashboard of your entire SSA program; efficiently maintain application inventories and activity assignments, and deliver centralized communication and activity tracking.

  • Collaboratively engage developers and security specialists
  • Collaboratively engage developers and security specialists
  • Apply structured, systematic, and repeatable security processes across projects
  • Mitigate risk by making software more inherently secure
  • Improve trust by enhancing privacy and protecting sensitive information

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