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Accelerate threat detection

In today’s hyperconnected world, cyber criminals act with increasing agility and speed. So too must security teams. IBM Security QRadar SIEM helps teams meet the quick response challenge with automated, near-real-time threat detection.

QRadar SIEM can analyze millions of events in near real time by leveraging thousands of out-of-the-box use cases, User Behavior Analytics, Network Behavior Analytics, application vulnerability data, and X-Force® Threat Intelligence to deliver high-fidelity alerts.

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IBM Security QRadar
Solution Brief

Time matters

For the second year in a row, phishing was the leading infection vector where an attacker impersonates someone and uses existing email conversations for nefarious purposes. Understanding users’ normal behavior and noticing anomalies fast is critical to stopping infections. You can add users to the UBA app with the user import wizard, and add risk scoring and unified user identities to QRadar SIEM with the UBA app.


IBM measured a 94% reduction in the average time for the deployment of ransomware attacks from 2019 to 2021.


The lifespan of phishing kits increased more than 2 times each year from 2019 to 2021.


Containing a breach in under 200 days saves an average of USD 1.1 million.

How it works

Streaming of log and network activity
View log and network events as they come into the QRadar system in near real time. When you connect an interactive search on the console to the event and flow processors in your deployment, event and flow activity matching your search populates your console at up to 1000 events per second.

Broadest visibility
QRadar SIEM’s expansive set of software integrations helps you flag cyberthreats regardless of where they enter the network. With over 450 integrations with log events and network flows, QRadar offers a constantly updating stream of live data.

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Network analytics
QRadar SIEM uses automation to analyze events in the network according to a unique prioritization scheme called the offense magnitude score, which quickly helps you determine which offenses to investigate first.

What’s included

Mitre ATT&CK analysis for events and flows
Included use case rules that align to Mitre ATT&CK techniques to analyze events and flows get you up and running immediately and facilitate speedy response times.

User behavior analytics
IBM Security® QRadar® User Behavior Analytics uses machine learning to determine normal user behavior so the system can flag anomalies such as rogue employees or compromised credentials right away.
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Threat intelligence
QRadar SIEM includes the latest known threats from IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence, so you have access to the most up-to-date intelligence data. Your security team can add other threat intelligence feeds as well.
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“We needed someone who would work with us through these vulnerabilities and prioritize what we need to take care of first. It’s a joint effort.”

Thomas Strieder
VP Group IT Security and Operation Services

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